Getting Settled

Although a move to Los Angeles can be exciting, it can also be daunting figuring out how and where to get settled. To help make your move to Los Angeles easier, check out the information in this section that covers everything from where students live to transportation options, as well as how student health insurance works.

"Coming into an MBA program, especially in a new city, I was nervous about how my wife would be integrated into my MBA network. We instantly found a community within Joint Ventures. My wife is now part of a small book club that meets very frequently. Additionally, my wife and I attended numerous social events within my section and learning team to fully embrace the Anderson culture. Lastly, being in Brentwood has allowed us to further cultivate a close-knit community with so many Bruins living in the area. We have loved our time at Anderson and the greater city of LA."

Hunter Haas (’24 )

Moving to L.A.

Meet some of our MBAs from around the world who made the move to Los Angeles

Noah Aldonas

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

Current Neighborhood: Brentwood

How do you get to campus? Big Blue Bus, Electric Scooter (Bird, Lime, etc.), Uber (only if I am running late or carrying something big)

Hobbies? Hiking LA (Will Rogers and Topanga are awesome), reading, wine tasting, farmer’s market hopping, vintage shopping (Melrose Trading Post)

Favorite thing about LA? Amazing food from every possible cuisine available throughout the city

Most surprising thing about LA? Easy access to amazing natural beauty in every direction around you whether you want a half-day hike or a week-long escape from civilization. You can ski and surf on the same day.

Mai Bui

Hometown: Houston, TX

Current Neighborhood: Westwood

How do you get to campus? Bike (or bus when it rains)

Hobbies? Salsa dancing, road cycling, exploring the Sierras

Favorite thing about LA? I live to bask in the warming rays of sunshine, and here in LA I get those days aplenty.

Most surprising thing about LA? How bike friendly it is! I was most recently in the Bay Area where I would bike everywhere, so when I moved to LA I was scared of the cars and traffic. I’ve biked to Sawtelle, Brentwood, Century City, and Santa Monica without any issues, and often times I’m faster getting to campus than the cars on the road!

Addy Quirk

Hometown: Sudbury, Massachusetts

Current Neighborhood: Santa Monica

How do you get to campus? Drive or carpool with learning team members

Hobbies? Hiking with my dog, reading, running on the beach, baking

Favorite thing about LA? There's so much to do! You get the benefit of a big city but are surrounded by so much unique and diverse nature.

Most surprising thing about LA? Coming from New York City, my expectations were low for the quality of the restaurant scene. I was sorely wrong!

Gui Shi

Hometown: Willoughby, OH

Current Neighborhood: Westwood

How do you get to campus? Walk

Hobbies? Trying new restaurants and listening to Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Favorite thing about LA? Being in sunny LA, I'm able to actually enjoy my everyday walk to and from campus since the weather is so pleasant and is the source of my daily Vitamin D intake.

Most surprising thing about LA? Being Asian myself, I am quite fond of Asian cuisine. Not surprisingly, LA offers a wide range of amazing options from Chinese to Korean BBQ to Japanese Sushi, but the X-Factor has been the fact that these options are all within a 5-10 mile radius from campus!

Rohit Mittal

Hometown: Singapore

Current Neighborhood: Weyburn, Westwood

How do you get to campus? Walk

Hobbies? Hiking, playing soccer and binging crime television series

Favorite thing about LA? Running across celebrities at movie premieres in Westwood. Some of the notable ones I have seen so far include Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Stewart.

Most surprising thing about LA? The great food! I can find any cuisine I am craving for within a walking distance – right from Japanese to Chinese to Mexican.

Jessica Chen

Hometown: Westchester, New York

Current Neighborhood: Sawtelle

How do you get to campus? Bus, primarily (Big Blue Bus is super convenient!), or carpools with other classmates that live in Sawtelle

Hobbies? Hiking, boxing, eating good food

Favorite thing about LA? The taco trucks! There's two great ones within walking distance from where I live, and its amazing.

Most surprising thing about LA? I still haven't gotten over how close we are to the beach! It's a quick 3 mile jog to the beach path - perfect for watching the sunset!

Kalyn Saulsberry

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Current Neighborhood: Santa Monica

How do you get to campus? Drive

Hobbies? Hiking, reading mystery novels, visiting local museums

Favorite thing about LA? LA gives you access to many varied weekend activities like hiking in Malibu, wine tasting in Santa Barbara, and enjoying KBBQ in Koreatown. I'm never bored or hungry!

Most surprising thing about LA? I heard locals don't really get to the beach that often. However, since I've been here, I make sure to visit often and catch beautiful sunsets over the ocean during my evening runs.

Karan Khurana

Hometown: Punjab, IND

Current Neighborhood: Westwood

How do you get to campus? Ride a scooter (Bird or Lyft) , recently bought a personal one

Hobbies? Writing and listening to Rap Music, playing Table Tennis and Dancing

Favorite thing about LA? Beautiful drive along the Pacific Coast highway and fascinating surfing spots on the way

Most surprising thing about LA? I had never thought LA would have numerous restaurants serving authentic cuisines from different countries. I have already tried food from six countries in four months