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February 1, 2023

Data-Driven Customer Retention - Zoom Webinar

Successfully managing customer lifetime value involves both customer acquisition and customer retention. While good progress has been made in many marketing settings in measuring and managing customer acquisition costs, customer retention often gets less attention. Yet, when asked, most customers say companies could do more to retain them, and most executives say they are disappointed with how well their companies manage retention.

Accurately measuring retention, tracking it and acting effectively to increase it remain quite challenging for marketers. Managers need to know which customers are at highest risk of churning and which of those should be targeted for intervention — and when in the consumer journey to do that. How can increasingly large-scale data sets and information about customers, both transactional and otherwise, be used to track, allocate resources and intervene? 

Please join Stuart Aitken, chief merchant and marketing officer of Kroger, and Andrew Appel, former president and CEO of IRI, as they discuss how Kroger is addressing the challenges of customer retention by harnessing its customer data through advanced analytics.