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Fall 2023 Program
September 28 - November 30, 2023 

Location: live online - delivered in 6 bi-weekly sessions with a time commitment of 4-5 hours per session
Program Fee: $5,250


Faculty director Dr. Martha Miller and UCLA Anderson Women’s Leadership Institute alums discuss the experience and impact of the program

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Program Overview

For more than 20 years, UCLA Anderson’s Women’s Leadership Institute has been developing smart, savvy and authentic leaders, skilled at building organizational value and ready to take their careers to the next level.

The program is offered live online in 6 bi-weekly sessions and employs the three-phase ACT learning model.

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The Coursework


The Lay of the Land & Setting Yourself Up for Success

Leading Team Decision Making

Organizational Savvy

Mentoring and Networking: A Two-Way Street

Leadership and Strategy to Achieve the Extraordinary

Leadership Styles and Skills

Leading Change

The Experience

The work-friendly six-session live online learning journey contains ample formal and informal opportunities to practically explore the curriculum and network with your peers, allowing you to receive feedback and gauge your progress in real-time and apply what you’ve learned immediately at work.
Leadership Action Plan

With the benefit of peer feedback and bringing together the insights gained from the program sessions, participants craft an in-depth leadership action plan that will guide their post-program career choices and professional development.


Divided into group coaching circles, participants serve as peer mentors during the program and as members of a virtual developmental community afterward. Each coaching circle will work with a professional coach to ensure progress is tracked and goals are achieved.

Action Journal

This comprehensive reference resource is the compass that will guide your progress through the institute. It contains personal application questions, space to note your “ah-ha” moments and additional post-program readings. In essence, the Action Journal tells you what you can expect from each session and how it applies to your workplace. It will also help you to understand what is expected of you.

Adapt, Catalyze, Transform

The ACT Learning Model

The first phase of the program is structured to help participants adapt as leaders. Adapting is the process of preparing for change. And this foundational work begins with a series of virtual learning opportunities:

• Participants engage in a kick-off web conference that provides them with a program overview

• They complete a personal assessment and a Leadership Competencies Assessment, along with additional pre-program assignments

• They engage in their first individual coaching session


The second phase of the program prepares participants to catalyze their learning through the development of a wide array of leadership skills that help them communicate their vision and inspire others to join them in driving organizational change. During these sessions, participants are provided with the appropriate tools to help them translate their learning into actionable next steps at work.


The third phase of the program helps participants transform their individual professional goals into organizational action. This transformation hinges on how they apply the first two phases of their learning journey to inspire those around them in pursuit of innovative strategies to create organizational value — in short, how successfully they can adapt and catalyze.

Progress is tracked in their Leadership Action Plan, a tool customized to their personal development goals but designed to facilitate the application of their expanded skill sets to their organization’s needs.

In addition, participants engage in two more individual coaching sessions and two webinars with their “coaching clusters” — peer groups convened to focus on application of program learning.


This unique institute will have a tremendously positive impact on you, and also on the organization that supports your participation.


enhance your credibility and strengthen your position within your organization; create and sustain effective developmental relationships and alliances that advance your career; maximize your personal, professional and organizational potential through better teamwork and team leadership; think, lead and manage in ways that celebrate your individual attributes and perspectives; develop valuable personal and business connections with fellow managers from leading organizations and corporations.

Your Organization...

builds better leaders who are more prepared for organizational advancement; increases employee retention rates and succession planning efforts; develops and ensures a more inclusive management team that can draw on the full diversity of its experiences and perspectives; fortifies positioning as a corporate leader in the area of social responsibility.

Who Should Attend?

The UCLA Anderson Women’s Leadership Institute is designed for mid- to senior-level leaders, typically with five or more years of experience managing people and/or projects in a corporate, public-sector, entrepreneurial, or nonprofit environment. All leaders who wish to better understand women’s leadership challenges, or who are responsible for the career development of others are encouraged to attend.

Program Format and Fees

The UCLA Women’s Leadership Institute offers a live online immersion in releasing your leadership potential. The fee of $5,250 includes: professionally led group coaching circles, an Action Journal and other educational materials needed to complete the program.

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