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Leadership is a cause. Support the next managers, executives and entrepreneurs as they become visionaries, creators of social impact and C-level leaders. Many of our students would not have the opportunity to grow like this if our donors did not pave the way with fellowships.


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Meet a Few of Our Inspiring Fellows & Dedicated Alumni Donors

portrait of kendall brown

Receiving my fellowship has positioned me to relieve the financial pressures of getting an MBA. Instead of taking out loans or working a part-time job to make ends meet, I am positioned to focus my time and energy on giving back to the school and setting myself up for a successful post-MBA career. It also gave me confidence, knowing that my leadership potential and involvement in extracurricular activities are recognized by other members of the Anderson community.

- Kendall Brown (’23)

portrait of yannan collins

"Sharing Success" is not just a slogan; students at Anderson genuinely help each other. Moreover, the commitment goes beyond current students. We put in effort and time to help prospective students; the alumni never hesitate to share their experiences and wisdom. My fellowship lightened my financial burden and allowed me to focus on the most important thing at school: learning. The recognition encouraged my passion for human-centric work and inspired me to give back and pay it forward to succeeding students.

- Yannan Collins (’23)

portrait of monique lawshe

My fellowship allowed me to focus on the full-time MBA program at Anderson without the pressure of a huge loan balance looming after graduation. It is imperative for me to support fellowships to empower students who need it most and give them access to the excellent education and connections Anderson provides. I want to help improve diversity in the student population and corporate enterprises — ensuring the next generation of business leaders includes more people who look like me.

- Monique Lawshe (’90)

portrait of steven d'amico

My fellowships enabled me to advance my career from a personal perspective and financial standpoint. As a loyal donor since 1997, I continue to give back each year to pay it forward and expand the horizons of students who may not have the same opportunities without support. It's always gratifying to hear stories of those I helped. Supporting Anderson fellowships should be at the top of your list because you wouldn't be where you are now without them. It's the right thing to do for society, and it's the right thing to do morally.

- Steven D'Amico (’97)

“The differentiator between other top schools and Anderson is not their career opportunities or their faculty — it’s their financial resources. It’s time we even the playing field. Fortunately, I found a family at Anderson that invested so much in me — it’s a moral obligation that I give back.”

Zubin Davar (B.A. ’09, ’15)

VP of Strategy & Business Development, Confirm; President, UCLA Anderson Alumni Board of Directors