Adam Smith Society (SmithSoc )

The Adam Smith Society is a nationwide, chapter-based association that works to promote on-campus debate and discussion about the moral, social and economic benefits of the free market. The organization believes that MBA students and business professionals should acquire more than just expertise in areas such as management, marketing and quantitative analysis. They should also come to understand the nature of the economic system that fosters job creation, wealth generation, the alleviation of poverty globally and scientific innovation. We aim to serve all Anderson MBA students interested in participating in events about the role of a free market economy in society.



Speaker Series
These events range from discussions to debates with industry experts on a variety of topics. The goal is to ensure students on campus are aware and informed of pertinent economic, political and social issues in the world around them.

National Meeting
This annual event, hosted in New York City, brings together MBA students, professionals and business leaders for a weekend of thought-provoking panels and lively discussion. This meeting provides a unique opportunity for MBA students to meet with some of today’s most important free-market business leaders and policy experts — and to network with many other members and students from top business schools across the country and beyond.

Smith Soc Treks
Smith Soc Treks immerse members in destination-based, intellectual retreats that explore critical issues in business, industry and economic theory, and create deeper connections among Smith Soc members from around the world. Past retreat locations include Israel, Scotland and Jackson Hole.

Conferences and Events
The club’s parent organization, the Manhattan Institute, hosts periodic events across the country that are open to Smith Soc members. Past conferences and events include Health Care 2040, Millennials and Capitalism and Embracing Globalization or America First?

Joint Mixers
Smith Soc members hold joint events both internally within the Anderson community and externally with USC Marshall’s chapter and UCLA Law’s Federalist Society. This serves as a great opportunity to expand one’s network on campus and beyond.

Social Events and Activities
The chapter fosters social activities and internal retreats to build camaraderie and foster relationship-building throughout the year.

Connect With Us

For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.