Academic Centers

UCLA is a world-renowned research institution, and UCLA Anderson consistently ranks in the top 5 for intellectual capital in Bloomberg Businessweek

UCLA Anderson's eight specialized academic centers of excellence emphasize academic and thematic strengths within the curriculum. Each center supports cutting-edge research, the development of new courses, extracurricular activities and interactive events such as conferences for students, alumni and the business community. They also provide a variety of opportunities for continuing education and ongoing contact with scholars, students, community
and industry leaders.

Easton Technology Management Center

Through innovative courses, creative workshops, high-profile events and immersion in the most vital areas of high-tech business culture, Easton prepares the next generation to drive change in technology. By exploring verticals such as high tech, financial services, health care, education, entertainment/media, retail and defense, students are prepared to work anywhere from startups to large global corporations. 
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Laurence and Lori Fink Center for Finance

The Fink Center for Finance sponsors research, teaching and the application of financial knowledge in the global corporate and investment community.
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UCLA Anderson Forecast

In addition to quarterly economic forecasts for the United States, California and Los Angeles and topical reports, the Forecast applies its expert econometric modeling and analytic techniques to a wide variety of projects in partnership with both public and private entities.
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Center for Global Management

The CGM prepares global leaders for rapidly changing markets and organizations by helping students fulfill their global study requirement. Building on and integrating the programs and activities established by UCLA CIBER (Center for International Business Education & Research), a federally funded program, the CGM serves as an umbrella organization for global activity at the school, promoting and imparting a global management mindset in our students, faculty, alumni and the broader community through research, teaching and community engagement in issues that are central to the global agenda for management.
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Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports (MEMES)

MEMES examines the forces of change on the management of enterprises in media, entertainment and sports, including the impacts of technology, consolidation and globalization.
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Morrison Family Center for Marketing Studies and Data Analytics

The Morrison Family Center for Marketing Studies and Data Analytics serves as a global resource for academics and practitioners as they use data and analytical tools to advance understanding of consumer markets and behaviors. The center interfaces with the practicing marketing community and professional activities in this rapidly expanding field. Learn More

Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Price Center coordinates all teaching, research and extracurricular and community activities related to entrepreneurship at UCLA Anderson.
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UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

The UCLA Ziman Center is a worldwide leader in real estate teaching and research. The center draws upon and reaches out to faculty and departments throughout UCLA, including management, law, public policy, urban planning, engineering and architecture.
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