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The Energy Management Group (EMG) at Anderson, along with Parker is an important resource that helps educate students and facilitate discussions on all aspects of the energy industry from the basics to emerging renewable and mobility technologies. EMG hosts industry leaders who speak at events like Anderson’s annual Energy Conference. EMG also partners with Parker team to create career opportunities by introducing members to mentors and recruiters in the industry.
Where You Want to Be
The following are some of the hiring organizations for UCLA Anderson MBA students in Energy 
(both full-time employment and summer internships):
The specific functions UCLA Anderson MBA students enter in the Energy industry include:
  • Rotational Program
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing
Students interested in Energy will take courses to help them better understand the current landscape and how changes in policy, business and technology are transforming the ways our society uses different types of energy. Functional-based courses can provide the skills for students to enter the variety of different industry verticals, including utilities, renewables, oil & gas, mobility & transportation, clean tech, and energy finance & consulting.
Social Impact, Technology Leadership, Global Management, Executive Development
Sample Electives
  • Business and Environment
  • Entrepreneurial Perspectives on Biotechnology
  • Raising Capital for Early Stage Technology Ventures
  • Impact, Creation, Analysis, and Evaluations
  • Intellectual Property for Tech Entrepreneurs & Managers
  • Managing Disruptive Technologies and Business Models
  • Global Macroeconomy
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Law (in UCLA School of Law)
  • Marketing Analytics
  • New Product Development
  • Price Policies
  • Impact Investing in Social Venture
  • Managing Finance & Financing Emerging Enterprises

Capstone Applied Management Research (AMR)
Sample Projects

  • Analyzed key market segments for an electric vehicle company to understand how growth in these markets will affect valuation, as well as identified potential revenue streams from incentives and evaluated the impact of the revenue model
  • Identified U.S. electric utility service territories for an energy resource company to enter into the residential demand response market, and designed a product package and marketing strategy
  • Evaluated transportation electrification to recommend areas of investment and development


  • The Energy Management Group (EMG)
  • Net Impact Club
  • Dinner for Eights (D48s)
  • Energy Case Competition
  • Energy Career Night
  • Energy 101 sessions
  • Days-on-the-Job (DOJs)
  • Anderon Career Team (ACT)
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Our Admissions Ambassador Corps (AAC) is a group of diverse student leaders who can guide you through life at UCLA Anderson and answer your specific questions about their experiences. Ambassadors lead live webinars on a regular basis and are on call to help you with your process.

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