Even before the emergence of COVID-19, healthcare was one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, if not the world. Now, with an even more critical focus, UCLA Anderson has expanded its healthcare-related research and course offerings to meet the needs of this rapidly-changing area, in addition to our usual variety of healthcare programs and events. Explore all of our healthcare offerings below.

Events and Programs


Students and Alumni Focused on Healthcare 


Healthcare Business Association (HBA)

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Healthcare Specialization



Whether students are interested in healthcare products (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices) and/or services (consulting, provider, payer), our healthcare curriculum offerings prepare students for successful careers in health-related fields. Courses provide both general management skills, as well as industry-specific knowledge of healthcare strategic management.

The following combination of any of the four courses below are approved for the healthcare specialization in 2023-2024. Substitution requests may be emailed to and should be accompanied with a current course syllabus and short justification.

Faculty Focused on Healthcare