Meet Our Students

A virtual or campus visit from August thru November will allow you to meet both our December graduates seeking full time employment and our new students seeking summer internships.

To meet the greatest number of summer internship seekers, we recommend that you visit before the end of February, although we are happy to accommodate you at any time based on your needs.

This PDF will answer logistical and other questions such as "How many candidates should I expect?" and "How can I design a highly engaging presentation for an MSBA audience?"

Company Info and Recruiting Sessions

These 60-90 minute in-person or virtual interactions provide time for an in-depth look at analytics in your organization plus networking, extended Q&A and the possibility of ad-hoc or scheduled interviews. Lunch or dinner can be catered for a nominal charge.

Industry Seminar Series

Curated 20-week course featuring a broad spectrum of voices in Data Analytics.  Each week, a different analytics leader donates their time to deliver a 3-hour course that challenges students to provide real-time feedback on their company’s unique data challenges.

Office Hours / Coffee Chat

Brief one-on-one or small group sessions with students who drop by to meet your recruiting team and/or analytics practitioners from your organization. Often held in conjunction with an upcoming presentation or interview session.

Days On the Job / Field Trips

Invite students to visit your offices to meet your teams and get a great taste of your culture and the work they’d be doing as an analytics pro at your firm.

Business Analytics Symposium

Fall event open to all Anderson and select UCLA undergraduate populations featuring diverse panel of analytics leaders followed by a networking dinner for MSBA students, panelists, and their colleagues.

Industry Nights

Join fellow professionals for an industry-focused panel discussion followed by roundtable conversations and networking.  Industry Nights have included Tech, Entertainment, Fin-Tech/Finance, and e-Commerce/Retail/Consumer Products, and Healthcare.

Please contact Larry (your Career Services contact) for more information.