Create a Presence on Campus

A campus visit in October or November will allow you to meet both our December graduates seeking full time employment and our new students seeking summer internships.

Lunchtime and Evening Presentations

These 90 minute interactions provide time for an in-depth look at analytics in your organization plus networking, extended Q&A and the possibility of ad-hoc or scheduled interviews. Lunch or dinner can be catered for a nominal charge.

Office Hours / Coffee Chat

Brief one-on-one or small group sessions with students who drop by to meet your recruiting team and/or analytics practitioners from your organization. Often held in conjunction with an upcoming presentation or interview session.

Dinners for Eight

Host a dinner for six to eight MSBA students and get to know them in an informal setting.

Virtual Presentations

If you are unable to visit our campus, you can host a virtual presentation using one of our state-of-the-art classrooms, enabling you to conduct your presentation remotely while speaking to students in real time.

Industry Nights

Join fellow industry professionals for a panel discussion followed by roundtable conversations and networking.

Please contact our Director of Career Services for more information.