Capstone Project

Applied Finance Project

The Applied Finance Project (AFP) is a capstone experience designed to give MFE students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to solve a financial engineering problem for a company or organization. The experience combines client communication, team collaboration, and practical application of students’ quantitative abilities.

AFP projects concentrate on such areas as quantitative trading strategies, portfolio management, risk management, hedging and derivatives valuation, and are sponsored by top organizations that include PIMCO, Citi, PwC, Aspirant, Accenture, AXA Rosenberg, Hyundai Capital and Research Affiliates. Students interact directly with clients, gaining valuable exposure to potential employers and broadening their professional networks.

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AFP Topics Covered

Examples of Past AFP Projects:
  • Machine Learning for Risk Management in Fixed Income
  • The Effects of Macro-Economic Events on Trading Activity and HFT Algorithms
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Deep Learning for Valuation of American and Bermudan Options
  • NLP to Interpret Company Reports
  • Fair Value Model of Cross-Currency Swaps
  • Multi-Factor Models for Global Equity Markets
  • Social Impact Fixed-Income Strategies
  • Bank Forecast and Credit Modeling Platforms
  • Enhanced Portfolio Construction Techniques
  • MSR Hedging Strategies
>Topics Covered:
  • Asset allocation
  • Equity quant strategies
  • Options and derivatives
  • Fixed income
  • Returns and earnings prediction
  • Credit risk
  • Machine learning
  • High-frequency trading
  • Text-based signals (NLP)
  • ESG and social impact
  • Cryptocurrencies

A Sample of Participating Companies