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At UCLA, generations of Latinx students pursue higher education, build a cultural identity and create a legacy for future Bruins.
In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15–October 15), UCLA Anderson celebrates the contributions our students, alumni, faculty and staff have made to the university, to business leadership and to the community.
Nuestras Historias
Alumni Spotlight

Michael Vilardo (’21)

President and Co-Founder, Emile

LATAM Gold Medalist, Colombian National Hockey Team

Alumnus, Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson

Serial entrepreneur Michael Vilardo (’21) took the pulse of the TikTok generation to launch EdTech startup Emile, which has earned more than $5 million in seed funding. Vilardo and his Latinx co-founders, Felix Ruano and Jon Quiros, have made headlines for changing e-learning’s status quo.

EdTech Startup Emile Takes the Pulse of the TikTok Generation

Entrepreneur and founder Michael Vilardo (’21) changes e-learning’s status quo
Michael Vilardo (’21)

Latinx-Founded Edtech Platform Emile Raises $5.3M in Seed Funding

The investment was led by Kleiner Perkins which contributed $4 million to the raise. Other notable contributors include executives from Goldman Sachs, Uber and Cameo. 
Emile Learning bets it can make high school students study, not scroll

Emile Learning bets it can make high school students study, not scroll

Founded in 2020, Emile is built by a trio of Latino founders: CEO Felix Ruano, COO Michael Vilardo and CTO Jon Quiros.

Research Spotlight


Fernanda Bravo

Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

“The management of health care delivery systems, health organizations and policy-focused institutions affects everybody, not just providers.”

From timely research that demystifies the complicated FDA approval process to collaborations that improve hospital efficiency and patient outcomes, Fernanda Bravo’s goal is to inform health care policy and decision making to help ensure that good business is also good medicine.

En Sus Palabras


“Many young people in our community don’t have someone in their lives who knows how to help them get on the road to success.”

Katelyn Bowyer (’22) was fortunate that her school teacher father was aware of early testing to qualify her, at the age of 4, for enrollment at a Houston magnet school. Katelyn, now a brand manager and marketer, is conscious of how rare that formative opportunity might be for other LatinX youth. As a volunteer mentor at Minds Matter Los Angeles, she embraces Anderson’s ethos of sharing success and feels a responsibility as a future business leader to help track high-achieving students from low-income families on a successful education path.

“Even a small modification can have huge impacts on your bottom line.”

UCLA Anderson’s senior manager of academic services and operations Patty Gonzalez Johnson (B.A. ’99, Riordan Scholar ’02, CERT ’21) pursued Anderson’s Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management as part of her decades-long commitment to the MBA students she serves. “I knew that I would gain so much from the content of the course,” she says. “What surprised me was how much I learned about myself and my leadership style.”

“Think about the destination, but do not forget about the journey.”

Luis Alcazar’s (’23) journey to becoming auditor in charge at the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General entailed his service in the U.S. Army as well as work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Born in Long Beach and fluent in Spanish, Luis chose Anderson for his MBA experience because he wanted to become part of UCLA’s vast international network of highly driven professionals.

“The nuances of my culture can make it feel like I’m not ‘American’ enough.”

For Rosa Segura (’21), the expression “ni de aquí, ni de allá” (neither here nor there) sums up her cultural experience as an American with Mexican roots. As a b-school applicant, Rosa was invigorated to meet a critical mass of other Latinx students during UCLA Anderson’s Embracing Diversity Week and, when she became a UCLA Anderson student, she in turn helped orient prospective MBAs who straddle national identities like she does. In her second year, she served as president of the student-run Alliance for Latinx Management at Anderson.

Liz Cercado (’19)

“How great would it be if we unlocked each person’s potential?”

At the close of her UCLA Anderson executive MBA, mechanical engineering professional Liz Cercado (’19) observed that, in hindsight, some of the experience looked different than she had expected, and some looked better than she’d ever dreamed possible. Recognized by Profiles in Diversity Journal as a Woman Worth Watching, Liz said, “Thinking about societal expectations of who we should be, what careers we should pursue and what success looks like is exhausting. Good people doing great things deserve to be celebrated and reminded of how amazing they are.”

“Here at Anderson, we really are an ecosystem and we all support each other in different ways.”

Coming from the creative side of public relations, communications professional Marcella Thompkins (’23) enrolled in UCLA Anderson’s Fully Employed MBA program to fill in gaps in her knowledge about the business side. She is building a solid foundation in finance and strategy, but finds that Anderson’s challenging curriculum offers so much more, and she looks forward to continuing to take classes that are outside her comfort zone. “No matter how difficult the course is,” she says, “I have so many incredible resources surrounding me and so many brilliant classmates to learn from.” Now manager of fine wines at Constellation Brands, Marcella says, “I can honestly say this program has impacted my career immeasurably. This program is the very reason I have the job that I have today.”

“I always wanted to start a business ... Brewing is an alternative career in chemistry.”

What’s it like to come to the United States with no undergraduate degree, earn a Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech, publish more than 45 peer-reviewed articles, pivot to brewing beer and then embark on your MBA? With credit for contributing to prize-winning research by two Nobel laureates, alumnus Diego Benitez (’19) founded Progress Brewing in South El Monte, California, in 2012. The former academic, now a successful full-time businessman, said as an Anderson student, “FEMBA is one of the best decisions of my life.”

Faculty Spotlight
Miguel M. Unzueta
Award-winning instruction in diversity and organizational behavior
“It is often said that perception is reality. My research explores the psychological motivations that underlie people’s perceptions of diversity-related phenomena in the present day.”
Miguel M. Unzueta
Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs and Professor of Management and Organizations

Organizations Have Committed to Better Representation, But Really?

Emprendedores y Empresas de Nueva Creación
El futuro es más prometedor para estas startups que comenzaron en el Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson
Riders Share

Founder: Guillermo Cornejo ('19)
Riders Share is the Airbnb of motorcycle rental, connecting unused motorcycles to licensed riders. Riders Share has the only insurance policy that works for both renters and owners of motorcycles in the sharing economy. 


Founders: Jordan Dil ('19), Mikel Noriega ('19)
Elenita is America's first mezcal ready-to-drink cocktail in a can, giving consumers an entry point into the world of mezcal. The company won the 2019 Knapp Venture Competition, taking home the $50,000 grand prize. 


Founders: Pablo Osorio Martini ('19), Joe Upchurch ('19)
Another Venture Accelerator success story, ClearClub provides teeth-grinders with custom night guards for 90% lower prices than dentists through its direct to consumer subscription service. 

Bienvenido al Club

Latin American Business Association (LABA)

Through a broad offering of professional and social events, the Latin American Business Association (LABA) aims to showcasing the region’s diverse cultures and business opportunities for the mutual benefit of our members and the broader Anderson community.

Alma logo

The Alliance for Latinx Management at Anderson (ALMA)

ALMA is committed to building a diverse, inclusive and collaborative space to promote fellowship and professional development while celebrating American Latinx culture.

Publicado en el UCLA Anderson Review
La revista académica, UCLA Anderson Review, contribuye en gran medida a la validación y al mismo tiempo a la difusión del conocimiento de avanzada
Riordan Programs

Providing a pathway for underrepresented students to excel in business and leadership

Tomorrow's leaders emerge from a transformational experience with Riordan mentors, educational workshops and community service. The Riordan Scholars Program, College to Career Program and MBA Fellows Program provide leadership and management training to diverse individuals all over the country.

Riordan podcast episodes
Episode 27

Christian Duncan
Riordan Scholars Alum Class of 2007

Topic: Graduation Day

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Diversity at UCLA

Graduate education at UCLA couldn’t have reached the heights it has without a full commitment to welcoming and fostering the diverse population that today thrives on our campus.

Toigo Foundation

Toigo’s mission is to foster the career advancement and increased leadership of underrepresented talent by creating mechanisms for greater inclusion, from the classroom to the boardroom.

UCLA LGBTQ Resource Center

Fostering unity and wellness, UCLA’s LGBTQ Resource Center provides education and advocacy services to support intersectional identity development in an open, safe, inclusive environment.