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Advance the Field with Your Research
The Morrison Family Center for Marketing Studies and Data Analytics is endowed by Donald and Sherie Morrison to promote the study and dissemination of knowledge in marketing studies and data analytics.

Grants are awarded to proposals that show strong publication potential to advance this field. All applications are reviewed by the faculty director and peer experts, and selected projects will be notified. If you are considering submitting an application, please prepare the following:
  • A current CV for all researchers involved;
  • A brief research proposal, which must include the research question, methodology, data source (if applicable) and academic contribution; and a budget

If you have further questions, please email all queries to
Mary Minter at

Current Research: Grant Recipients

If death is the great tragedy of human life, could rituals, by helping us connect backward to heritage and forward to the future, suppress time and reduce our fear of the end of life?

Kate Christensen | Joint research with Hal Hershfield

Urgency in Consumer Decision Making

Hal Hershfield | Joint research with Joseph Reiff

Misperception about stigma as a potential barrier to applying for benefits programs

Sherry Wu | Joint research with Eugene Caruso and Alice Lee-Yoo

Interventions to Increase Support For Redistributive Policies

Franklin Shaddy | Joint research with Kate Christensen and David Dolifka

Why Do Consumers Ignore Hidden Costs?

Leila Bengali 

Equity and environmental attitudes in adoption of rooftop solar photovoltaic in Los Angeles County

Charles Corbett | Joint research with Hal Hershfield and Timothy Malloy

The Role of Claim Objectivity on Source Memory

Stephen Spiller | Joint research with Daniel Mirny

Consumer Financial Decision Making

Stephen Spiller | Joint research with David Dolifka

How Metrics Influence Elicited Prediction Intervals

Stephen Spiller | Joint research with David Zimmerman

Suspense, Surprise: What Makes a Match Fun and Engaging?

Ashvin Gandhi | Joint research with Paola Giuliano

How does Food Availability Affect Demand for Healthy Food?

Sylvia Hristakeva | Joint research with Julia Levin