Effective Team Management for Extraordinary Outcomes

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Fall 2021 Program:
November 9 - 18, 2021 

Location: Live Online
Program Fee: $5,500

The fee includes tuition and all learning materials.

UCLA Anderson professor and program faculty director Corinne Bendersky discusses the vital importance of teams to how we work today and outlines the powerful toolkit of practical strategies and frameworks delivered by the program.

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This program develops a foundational understanding of the frameworks, best practices, and toolkits needed to select, mobilize, and organize teams to innovate and achieve organizational goals.

Program Overview

Offered live online, the program is a six-session deep dive on how to build and lead high performing teams for maximum impact on the modern organization.

Participants will acquire the analytical and interpersonal skills to optimize team performance by diagnosing complex team dynamics and taking appropriate action to improve team functioning.

Communication and coordination of team members is a key focus, with special attention given to virtual, global, cross-functional, action, and creative teams.


Learning Journey


The program is a live online learning journey comprised of 6 sessions delivered over two weeks. Session topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Team Frameworks (GRIPS)
  • Team Coaching Skills
  • Emergent States & Conflict Management
  • Diverse Team Collaboration & Inclusion
  • Team Processes & Coordination
  • Team Structures: Power, Influence & Control
  • Leadership Styles
  • Everest Simulation
  • Cross-Functional & Distributed Teams
  • Incentives
  • Team Collaboration Technology & Tools
  • Extraordinary Outcomes
  • Bringing It All Together

Program Experience

Learning Elements

Exposure to new knowledge is only the starting point for a successful learning experience. This program employs a carefully sequenced combination of learning elements to ensure maximum applicability of the acumen, frameworks and insights that you take away. These include:

  • Case discussion
  • Team exercises
  • Simulation
  • Leadership assessment
  • Coaching


The Faculty


Our distinguished faculty draw upon their original research and vast teaching experience to create a groundbreaking program that delivers the mind- and skill-sets needed to take your team building and leadership skills to the next level.

  • Corinne Bendersky

    Program Faculty Director

    Professor of Management and Organizations

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    Ian Larkin

    Associate Professor of Strategy

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    Jennifer Whitson

    Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

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    Eugene M. Caruso

    Associate Professor of Management and Organizations and Behavioral Decision Making

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  • Iris Firstenberg

    Adjunct Professor of Management and Organizations

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The Impact


Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • Understand and employ the GRIPs Framework (goals, roles, interpersonal relationships and processes) to intentionally improve team performance
  • Describe and model inclusive leadership behaviors and conflict management skills to engage diverse and dispersed teams
  • Analyze the impact of various team power, influence, and control dynamics and tactics when structuring teams within hierarchical and networked organizations
  • Evaluate coaching and feedback methods to optimize engagement and outcomes
  • Apply Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies to increase team innovation and problem solving skills

The Participants


Directors, managers and project managers from major corporations to growth-phase startups who need the acumen, frameworks and best practices to select, mobilize, and organize teams for innovation and organizational success.

The program focuses on three overlapping spheres of action required for building and leading high performing teams.


Select and develop team leaders who have a growth mindset that creates conditions for teams to be iterative, open, inclusive and effective


Sylvia is a finance manager at a major automotive company. Her responsibilities include ensuring the smooth flow of accurate information between Marketing and Finance. Cross-functional teams look like the solution for longstanding friction between the two departments but Sylvia has limited experience leading and building teams.


Create purpose driven teams that embrace multidisciplinary collaboration, foster inclusion of diverse perspectives and empower agile decision-making


Roger is VP of strategy at a tech startup where exponential growth and an over-stretched founder/CEO have created a series of isolated fiefdoms that can no longer coordinate their efforts sufficiently to maintain the innovation and agility required in a highly competitive marketplace.


Design flexible and effective networks of purpose driven teams tailored the tasks which they perform in the organization and also to the external stakeholders - customers, partners and society – which they serve


Alice is the director of operations, North America for a major healthcare company. She has been tasked to address the deeply siloed and hierarchical management culture that has been hindering the roll-out of a digital customer care platform designed to restore the client-focus of the business.

The program is a great opportunity for organizations to send cross-functional teams, which will work collectively to develop best practices around teamwork and a game plan for their wider dissemination back in the workplace.

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