From the Director of the Parker Career Management Center

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Phil Han 
Assistant Dean of Career Services and Director of the Parker Career Management Center

Congratulations on your acceptance to UCLA Anderson! We look forward to seeing you this coming August.

Our team has spent years designing and implementing the best career management program possible. This effort is reflective in repeated best-in-class rankings in ‘Open New Career Opportunities’ category, which includes the diversity of a school’s recruiters, job offers at three months post-graduation, and alumni satisfaction with the school’s career services.

The Parker Career Series

A 6-month for credit course designed to walk you through every step of the career search process. Our hybrid learning model takes you through the fundamental stages of the career search process, with ample time and resources available to explore industries and functions.

Individual advising

Parker’s professional staff, which is comprised of 10 advisors with industry vertical specialization, is available for individual sessions throughout the year. One advisor will be assigned to you to track you during your time at Anderson, and you are able to use any advisor throughout the two years.

Anderson Career Teams (ACT)

A unique program where second years, who have recently gone through the recruiting process in 16 industries and functions, work in tandem with the Parker Career Series, advisors, and professional clubs throughout the first quarter to take the instruction and make it specific for the students’ industry and functional interests.

Small group sessions

Students get a view of what and how questions may be asked as well as how prepared they are in comparison with classmates and different ways to respond. These sessions have surprised some students and jumpstarted them into higher levels of effort.

These are some main areas offered by us at the Parker Career Management Center, and there are many others to help make you the best candidate you can possibly be. For more detailed information, visit the Resources and Career Preparation tab under Career Services.

Your enthusiasm is fantastic, and there will be great ways for you to get started even before you come to campus. Pre-onboarding assignments and information will be listed in your Status Page. More detail with descriptions and due dates will be available in June. We suggest reaching out to your personal network to let them know that you plan to return to school and give them some ideas of your areas of interest. Personal networks are often the most helpful.

One thing that we do not encourage, at this point, is reaching out to alumni before school begins. What many students do not realize is how much the bar is raised in networking and recruiting for MBAs compared with any other networking and recruiting they have previously done. Some schools encourage their students to network immediately. We want our students to be the best they can possibly be before doing so, knowing that the first impression is often the most lasting. The summer session, fall career series, and small group sessions illustrate to students just how much work needs to be done before they have effective and beneficial conversations.

We look forward to getting to know you and work with you over these next two years!


The Parker Career Management Team

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