From the Director of the Parker Career Management Center

Phil Han's Portrait

Phil Han 
Assistant Dean of Career Services and Director of the Parker Career Management Center

Congratulations on your acceptance to UCLA Anderson!

The Parker Career Management Center team is looking forward to seeing you when you arrive on our beautiful campus this summer! 

The Parker team has put in much time and effort into designing and implementing the best career management program possible, and throughout your two years at Anderson, we hope that you’ll actively engage with us to thoughtfully explore and work to pursue your post-MBA career goals. The following are just a sample of the career development programs and resources that will be available to you as full-time MBA students at UCLA Anderson, and we look forward to partnering with you in your career journey.

Maddy Wojdak Marquissee

Maddy Wojdak Marquissee ('19)

From Emerson College to Forté Fellow to traveling the globe representing Riot Games. She coached at Parker Career Management Center, where she was named UCLA Anderson ACT Coach of the Year, and she worked to bolster the gaming program at the Entertainment Management Association (EMA).

We know that you are excited to get started on your MBA journey, and there will be great ways for you to get started even before you come to campus. Starting this spring, pre-onboarding research materials, assignments and information will be listed in your Status Page, and more details with descriptions and due dates will be available in late-May. In the meantime, we suggest a couple of things:

  • Reach out to your personal and professional network to let them know that you plan to return to school and share with them your areas of interest. Personal networks are often the most helpful, and you never know whom or what kind of connections or information/insights they might have or information that could be helpful in your own career development.
  • Start reflecting on your own interests, motivators, and strengths/skills from a career perspective and begin your research into those career options. The Parker team believes that the most successful students are the ones who have gone through this process in a thoughtful manner to target and pursue opportunities that fit who they are and want to be. 

We will continue to communicate and provide more updates throughout the coming months, and starting this spring, we will update this site with additional job search resources and pre-onboarding assignments so that you will be prepared to make the most of your first weeks at UCLA Anderson.  

We look forward to getting to know you and partner with you over these next two years! 


The Parker Career Management Team 

One thing that we do not encourage, at this point, is reaching out to Anderson alumni or corporate recruiters before school begins. What many students do not realize is how much the bar is raised in networking and recruiting for MBAs compared to any past job search that they may have done, and we want our students to be the best they can possibly be before doing so, knowing that the first impression is often the most lasting. Instead, spend this time engaging in self-reflection, strengthening your personal and professional networks, and learning more about how to make the most of your MBA journey with us at UCLA Anderson. 

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