Our Character

Three pillars encompass the intrinsic values of UCLA Anderson:




Share Success

When you collaborate to win, you share success.
This ethic is at the very core of our character.


At UCLA Anderson, success is a collective victory, channeled by collaboration, mentorships and generosity. Our rigorous programs offer a cooperative and congenial student culture, our faculty offer invaluable guidance, and our alumni provide access to a thriving business community, as well as support services for scholastic and career advancement.


How We Share Success


"I was very lucky to come to UCLA on a scholarship, and I’ve never forgotten that. The lessons and values I learned while attending UCLA shaped my thinking throughout my business and community life, and helped build my business reputation."

John E. Anderson ('40)

UCLA Anderson School of Management Namesake (1917-2011)

Think fearlessly

Students are encouraged to approach innovation with a curious, nonconformist philosophy. We are fearless when it comes to finding real solutions to real problems.


Our faculty has developed game-changing initiatives to help workers save more for retirement, to transform K–12 education management and to alleviate global poverty in ingenious ways that bring the poorest members of society into the financial system. From the traditional classroom coursework to the thinktanking at the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator, we approach challenges with analytical rigor, bold thinking and the courage to change the status quo.


How We Think Fearlessly


"We at Anderson are fortunate to have the freedom to choose our own paths and pursuits. It is through a combination of independent exploration and collaborative challenge that Anderson breaks new ground."

Edward. Leamer

UCLA Anderson Forecast Director; Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management; Professor of Economics and Statistics

Drive Change

Using a values-based approach to leadership, we equip and encourage the Anderson community to make a positive impact. Real, lasting change is foundational to our legacy.


We were born to make things happen. Our students experience applied lessons about bettering communities (IMPACT); our graduates go on to build and grow companies (inspirational alumni); and our faculty publishes research about new ways to improve old problems (Anderson Review).

Bill Anderson (J.D. '88)

Founder and CEO, first beverage group

Executive, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor,
Philanthropist, Bruin


How We Drive Change