Consulting Teams

An MBA Research Team For Your Strategic Planning

UCLA Anderson was the first business school to implement “field studies” back in 1967, and since then, thousands of organizations have gained unique insights and a competitive advantage as a result. Our consulting teams offer your company an experienced, professional group of MBAs who research a key business issue and develop a comprehensive strategic business or consulting plan for your company’s leadership team. We gladly work with organizations large and small, across all industries and anywhere in the world.

The plan may involve:

Launching products

Competitive analysis

Risk assessment

Exploring new markets for existing products

Creating effective marketing campaigns

Improving managerial effectiveness

Financial modeling

Operations analysis

Our consulting teams provide many key
benefits to your organization:


Extensive primary and secondary market research and analysis.

A team of five second-year MBA candidates contributes approximately 800 - 1,000 hours of strategic work over a 20-week period. The team provides companies with a comprehensive written report and polished final presentation to senior managers.

Strategic recommendations to accelerate your organization's growth.

Our consulting teams define project goals, provide relevant data and make informed strategic recommendations to move your business forward.

Access to the school's database of relevant industry statistics and analysis.

Teams draw secondary research from world class quantitative and qualitative data sources uniquely available to them as UCLA Anderson MBA students.

Connections with UCLA Anderson's extensive network of professionals and expert faculty advisors.

Our faculty and alumni understand what it takes to make a field study successful and are a key source of critical data.

An opportunity to put potential future employees to the test.

With an average of five years of work experience, consulting teams have also completed the rigorous UCLA Anderson core curriculum. This is your opportunity to benefit from our consultants and advisors at a fraction of the cost and to test-drive the talent your company needs.

Raise your company’s strategic planning to a higher level.

We have multiple types of teams and will match your company with the one that works best with your strategic and project scheduling needs:
Degree Program Dates
MBA Applied Management Research Program September-March
Fully Employed MBA Global Access Program June-December
Executive MBA Strategic Management Research January-June
UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Management Practicum Program February-August

Fees vary between $5,000-$20,000, based on organization revenue, location, and profit-status.

To work with our consulting teams, you may email us directly at any time.