Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Your Support Elevates Our Public Mission by Creating Opportunity and Access, Redressing Inequities That Have Hindered Underserved Groups in Pursuing Graduate Education.

A commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a central component of UCLA Anderson’s current strategic plan. Recognizing the abundance of leadership talent across diverse backgrounds, we will lead in attracting, identifying and preparing candidates for graduate management education.

Our support won’t stop at admission: We are committed to a climate in which all can openly, authentically and enjoyably engage with one another’s differences. Through it all, inclusion stands out not merely as a common value, but as a practice embedded in all of our interactions — the practice of truly sharing success.

What Does EDI Mean to UCLA Anderson?



Community members receive appropriate support to ensure equal access to all privileges, assured of procedural fairness across protected identity groups.


Community members should benefit from the fullest possible variety of human identities, experiences, values and worldviews.


Community members engage one another as full participants in school activities, communicating mutual respect, consideration and appreciation.

How Can You Help?

Give to EDI Programming

Your gift to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund will support key initiatives such as:


Intergroup Dialogue • ECHO: Engaged, Curious, Humble and Open • Inclusive Leadership


Identity club events • Inclusive Curriculum • Diversity Career Fairs • Networking Events

Pipeline Development

Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders • Pathway Guidance Program • Academic Readiness Program