Wellness Club

The Wellness Club promotes and supports the holistic wellness of business leaders. We seek to foster a positive culture of well-being and provide the Anderson community with opportunities to participate in or lead wellness-promoting activities including yoga, meditation and other health and fitness practices.

Wellness Club Officers



The Wellness Club's annual events include:

Regular Yoga/Fitness/Meditation Sessions
Led by fellow students or outside professionals

Wellness Week
We offer wellness week every quarter right before finals week. The week includes morning yoga, lunchtime talks by professionals in the wellness space, guided meditations and a daylong "urban meditation retreat".

Special Collaborative Events with Other Anderson Clubs
Past cross-club events include Yoga + Rock Climb + Beer in collaboration with the Outdoor Adventure Club and Anderson Craft Beer Club.

Restoration Room
For quiet contemplation, meditation or relaxation and a quick nap in the midst of busy campus life.

Connect With Us

For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.