Entrepreneurship Specialization


This specialization is aimed at students who are interested in developing the skills necessary to start and run their own business, work in a start-up venture, and/or create new initiatives in an established company.


  • MGMT 295A: Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation
  • MGMT 295D: Business Plan Development
  • Two Additional Entrepreneurship Electives

Finance Specialization

A specialization in finance at UCLA Anderson includes an examination of how financial markets operate -- how investors and money managers make portfolio decisions, how markets allocate capital to its best use, and the determination of risk and return for various asset classes. The specialization also considers important corporate financial decisions including how best to raise capital to start and grow a business, evaluating and prioritizing a firm’s investment opportunities, deciding whether to build or acquire critical assets, and managing risk. MBA students choosing to specialize in finance most often receive placement in corporate management, investment banks, and money-management firms.


  • MGMT 430: Corporate Finance
  • Three Additional Finance Electives

Marketing Specialization

Marketing is the process whereby demands for products, services and ideas are anticipated, managed and satisfied. The marketer does this by first analyzing the marketplace behavior of competitors and consumers and then designing product, promotion, pricing and distribution strategies that will be accepted in the marketplace. Economic, social, cultural and even political organizations increasingly recognize the importance of the marketing function in modern management.

  • Four Marketing Electives

Tech Management Specialization

Through innovative courses, creative workshops, high-profile events and immersion in the most vital areas of high-tech business culture, Easton prepares the next generation to drive change in technology. By exploring verticals such as high-tech, financial services, health care, education, entertainment/media, retail and defense, students are prepared to work anywhere from startups to large global corporations.

  • Four Easton Approved Electives
  • Additional non-academic activities
“I chose to pursue my MBA to help take my love for technology and innovation to the next level. With the opportunities at the Easton Technology Management Center UCLA offered a great fit to grow my skill set and enable myself to take on leadership roles in the technology business development and management realm.”

Milan Karunaratne

Engineering Technical Leader - Digital Engineering
GE Transportation

Entertainment Management Specialization

Combining a solid, top-quality, generalist MBA enhanced with focused entertainment/media classes and student-driven, customized real-world experiences, UCLA Anderson is the only top-tier MBA program to offer a specialization in Entertainment Management. This pairing provides the best preparation for students to become change-agents in their chosen entertainment and media business arena. Students pursue a diverse choice of MBA courses across the full suite of UCLA Anderson areas for long-term skill building, then layer on select specialized classes (through the School of Theater, Film and Television's Producers Program) and a breadth of outside-of-class experiences - events, speakers, internships, field study/consulting, and outreach - for more immediate-term industry knowledge and relationship building.

  • MGMT 298D: Entertainment Business Models
    MGMT 268: Entertainment Strategy
  • Three Additional Entertainment Electives

Real Estate Specialization

The real estate specialization is available to students who are interested demonstrating knowledge in real estate financing and investing as well as entrepreneurial real estate development. The field is interdisciplinary in nature and students are encouraged to take courses in taxation and law, as well as classes in related departments at UCLA, such as Urban Planning, Public Policy, Architecture and Civil Engineering.
  • MGMT 278A: Urban Real Estate Financing and Investing
  • Three Additional Real Estate Electives

Global Management Specialization

Drawing on a half-century of leadership in international education, the Center for Global Management established the Specialization in Global Management program to respond to an increasingly sophisticated global marketplace. The professional MBA programs have customized this specialization to fit the unique opportunities and needs of FEMBA students. The Specialization in Global Management program allows students to choose from UCLA Anderson’s and/or UCLA’s various international opportunities and prepares them for international leadership roles with an integrated focus on global research, coursework and innovative programs.

The Specialization in Global Management designed for MBA students with an international focus. Participants receive a specialization upon completing a program of required activities. Students must be in good academic standing to be considered for this program (i.e., 3.0 GPA or above).


  • Management 406: The Global Economy
  • Management 458A/B: Global Immersion Course
    or 459E: FEMBA Exchange Course
  • Center for Global Management Speaker and/or Lecture Series Events/ Global Conferences: Attend at least five
  • Two international electives: Additional Global Immersion or Exchange Courses apply. One elective must be taken on campus.
  • Research Paper

Leaders in Sustainability Specialization

Leaders in Sustainability prepares students to be leaders in their professional fields by empowering them to create a program relevant to their respective goals and backgrounds. Students take a core course in sustainability, relevant electives and participate in leadership training. Participants gain invaluable experience and have a positive impact on the community by collaborating on client projects with local businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

Social Impact Specialization

A UCLA Anderson MBA specialization in Social Impact allows students to build in-depth expertise on a chosen career path, while customizing academic preparation to lead transformational social change in any sector. The specialization functions as a guide to students in planning their learning experience at Anderson. It encourages students to graduate with a common language and comprehensive understanding of positive social impact.

  • 1 course from the following list:
    MGMT246A: Business and the Environment
    MGMT298D: Social Entrepreneurship - Business Models for Social Impact
  • 12 units of Social Impact Electives, which may include a social impact Glocal Access Program project approved by Impact@Anderson