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Having a career center that is so responsive, helpful, and engaged is such an asset for Anderson.

- Class of 2024 MBA student

Our MBAs on the Move

Students come to UCLA Anderson from diverse professional backgrounds and have the opportunity to recruit in a range of industries to find roles that appeal to their unique interests.

The Parker Career Management Center

The Parker Career Management Center provides personalized guidance for your career search to help you find unique opportunities that fulfill your objectives. Because your summer internship and post-MBA job will not be your final job search, we provide you with skills that will help you manage your career at Anderson and long after graduation.

Opportunities as Unique as You Are

Finding the right position for you is determined by your unique skills, interests, and background. The top industries and functions for the full-time class of 2023* and summer internship class of 2024 included:

Industry Summary

Consulting 27%
Technology 25.8%
Financial Services 13.9%
Consumer Products 9%
Entertainment/Media 8.2%
Healthcare 6.7%
Real Estate 3.7%
Energy / Utilities 1.5%
Retail N/A
Other 3.1%

Function Summary

Management Consulting 27%
Product Management 13.1%
Investment Banking 7.9%
Product Marketing 7.1%
Brand Management 6.7%
Corporate Strategy 6.7%
Corporate Finance 5.2%
Rotation Program 3.7%
Business Development 3%
Project Management 2.6%
VC & Private Equity 2.6%
All Others 14.4%

Industry Summary

Technology 29.8%
Financial Services 16.3%
Consulting 20%
Entertainment / Media 8.5%
Consumer Products 6.4%
Healthcare / Biotech 6.4%
Real Estate 3.71%
Energy / Utilities 3.7%
Transportation / Logistics 1.7%
Manufacturing 1%
Non-profit / Education 1%
Other 2.1%

Function Summary

Management Consulting 18.6%
Product Management 13.9%
Investment Banking 8.1%
Product Marketing 6.1%
VC/Private Equity 5.1%
Corporate Finance 5.1%
Corporate Strategy 4.7%
Brand Management 4.4%
Business Development 4.4%
Project Management 4.4%
Operations/Logistics 3.1%
All Others 22.1%
For an in-depth breakdown, read our annual employment data for the class of 2023 and class of 2024.


$151k / YEAR

(As of 11/22/2023)




$9,491 / MONTH



(of those seeking internships)

Strong Partnerships Lead to Successful Student Outcomes

The Parker CMC maintains strong relationships with companies across every major industry and function with employers hosting over 100+ Anderson-specific events targeting full-time MBA students. In addition, more than 500 companies have posted 1000+ job or internship opportunities on the UCLA Anderson job board during this school year.

These partnerships helped UCLA Anderson students receive offers from 240+ companies during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Top Hiring Firms

The following organizations have hired five or more full-time MBA students during 2023 – 2024 recruiting season (combining both full-time employment and summer internships). Over 240+ organizations have hired at least one MBA student/graduate for employment in 2023.
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Learn about the breadth of resources that make the Parker Career Management Center so successful in helping students achieve their career aspirations.

We begin working with you months before you start your MBA and will be with you when you land your dream job and beyond.

Our resources include:
  • Self-assessment online tools
  • One-on-one coaching with industry advisors
  • Interview preparation and communication workshops
  • Peer industry/functional area career coaching
  • Day-on-the-job company visits
  • On-campus company briefings and networking events
  • Career fairs
  • Decision-making and negotiation practice