Center for Impact

Our Mission: to inspire, educate and challenge the next generation of leaders to be change makers for positive societal impact.

The UCLA Anderson Center for Impact has three goals: (1) integrate social impact and sustainability into fundamental business education, (2) engage with UCLA faculty to formalize impact measurement and nudge corporate performance, and (3) help firms, consumers, investors and stakeholders make decisions that are better for people and the planet.
Center News and Events
Panel of Speakers at Energy Innovation Conference

Energy Cleantech Innovation Conference 2024

Co-hosted by UCLA Anderson's Energy and Cleantech Association and Center for Impact, the Energy Innovation Conference brought together industry professionals, professors, and students to discuss the sustainability implications of our evolving world. Panels delved into the role of hydrogen, microgrids, and more.

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Combining research and practical insights, the OFG Sustainability Workshop will provide an in-depth look at corporate GHG emissions (including scope 3) amid evolving regulations. Geared towards professionals in reporting, finance, legal, and compliance, to gain crucial knowledge for measuring, disclosing, and navigating sustainability challenges.

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World-Class Faculty

The Center for Impact is proud to support globally renowned faculty who conduct research that has the power to change the way business is led. We invite you to explore their work via the UCLA Anderson Review, a window into crucial topics in business, the economy and the wider world of human existence.

How You Can Make an Impact

Be part of the dialogue — drive our centers ahead of the curve. Let us provide an avenue for you to remain connected to industry through UCLA Anderson. Your expertise and knowledge are invaluable in helping elevate the caliber of the school. Prepare our students to understand, succeed in and shape the complex world of global business.

UCLA Anderson, and UCLA at large, share a long-standing mission to serve the communities to which we belong, as well as the world around us.

With a commitment to creating the next generation of leaders, UCLA Anderson is primed to achieve impact around the world. Whether impact is delivered through technology, health care innovation, climate and sustainability initiatives, educational infrastructure, private enterprise or policy changes, each of these contributions is amplified through managerial effectiveness and cutting-edge research.