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Our Mission: to inspire the next generation of leaders to be social change-makers.
By instilling a mindset of collaboration, innovation and impact, we prepare individuals and organizations to create a more equitable, just and sustainable world.
UCLA Anderson, and UCLA at large, share a long-standing mission to serve the communities to which we belong, as well as the world around us.
With a commitment to creating the next generation of leaders, UCLA Anderson is primed to achieve impact around the world. Whether impact is delivered through technology, health care innovation, climate and sustainability initiatives, educational infrastructure, private enterprise or policy changes, each of these contributions is amplified through managerial effectiveness and cutting-edge research.
Signature Events
Crisis Response Corps
Summer 2020, Social impact consulting for organizational challenges related to COVID-19
Impact Week Conference
April 20-24, 2020
High Impact Tea
February 4, 2020 Scot Rank ('89), CEO Grupo Lala and former CEO of Walmart Mexico and Central America
Embracing Diversity Conference
November 18-23, 2019
What Impact@Anderson Offers
MBA Specialization in Social Impact

A UCLA Anderson MBA specialization in Social Impact allows students to build in-depth expertise on a chosen career path, while customizing academic preparation to lead transformational social change in any sector.


Community Programs

UCLA Anderson offers students hands-on opportunities to apply theoretical concepts of business to real-world societal challenges and make a real impact, from providing pro bono consulting to addressing strategic challenges of local nonprofits and social enterprises to making tangible impact investments in early-stage social ventures.


Thought Leadership

UCLA Anderson’s faculty leads the charge on impactful research, cutting-edge course and innovative programming, focusing on how businesses can address the world’s greatest challenges.

Alumni Network

Students have access to a network of alumni who are leaders in their field with purpose-driven careers across sectors and functions that include technology, health care innovation, education, sustainability and public policy.

Impactful Alumni
Sarah Valdovinos ('01), Co-Founder of Walden Green Energy
Award-winning businesswoman Sarah Valdovinos (’01) wants to develop a greener pipeline to jobs in the lucrative renewables sector.
Hugh Chang ('90), Director of Maternal Newborn and Child Health for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Gates Foundation’s Hugh Chang ('90) Put Technology to Work for Social Change
Nike Irvin ('89), Founder, ZWN
Nike Irvin spoke to a UCLA Anderson Audience in conversation with Bhavna Sivanand (’14), director of Impact@Anderson, and Julie Ortega (’19), Net Impact's director of engagement.
World-Class Faculty
Impact@Anderson is proud to support globally renowned faculty who conduct research that has the power to change the way business is led. We invite you to explore their work via the UCLA Anderson Review, a window into crucial topics in business, the economy and the wider world of human existence.
Management & Organizations

Green Initiatives — By Themselves — Won’t Boost Productivity

Environmentally conscious companies that also instill teamwork and quality enjoy higher output

Operations & Technology

Polluting Chinese Manufacturers: Do Their Misdeeds Drag Down Shares of Their Customer Companies Overseas?

Factories’ political connections — a boon in good times — turn into a liability when trouble hits

Operations & Technology

BRCA Mutation: New Model Quantifies How Surgeries Reduce Cancer Risk

Informed by personal experience, a researcher parses data to help those mulling mastectomy and gynecological surgeries

Management & Organizations

How to Make Sustainable Products More Appealing to Consumers

Magali Delmas proposes a “green bundle,” combining environmental good with product traits — quality, healthiness, performance, status — that have always sold

How You Can Make an Impact
Be part of the dialogue — drive our centers ahead of the curve. Let us provide an avenue for you to remain connected to industry through UCLA Anderson. Your expertise and knowledge are invaluable in helping elevate the caliber of the school. Prepare our students to understand, succeed in and shape the complex world of global business.
Attend our events and conferences
Get Involved
Participate as a client in one of our events
Fund our students and their ideas