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Key Differentiators
Through our affiliation with the No. 1 Public University, we offer a unique value to our startups including:
Select Mentors and Advisors
Our mentors and advisors come from a wide range of industries and offer constructive, practical and valuable feedback to cohort companies. Each one gives our companies access to extensive networks and critical contacts.
Select Partners Providing Exclusive Discounted Resources
Our 38 partners and service providers equip our cohort companies with exclusive access to discounts and content that complement our customized, immersive curriculum. We also offer non-dilutive “proof-of-concept" grants that help our companies scale.

Access to Best-in-Class Thought Leadership and Talent to Hire
Through our affiliation with the No. 1 public university in the U.S., we offer our cohort companies access to professors who are pioneering business research across industries — keeping them on the cutting edge in various fields. We also position our companies well to find talent across campus, making hiring for internships and full-time roles easier.
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Customized curriculum curated by the
Accelerator team