Where you live has an impact on your health.


It has been widely established that housing is a key social determinant of health, and that unstable and substandard housing can lead to negative health outcomes. The UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate's "Housing as Health Care Initiative" seeks to raise awareness about issues related to the intersection between housing and health care sectors. From housing affordability and food insecurity to community-based health and neighborhood economic stability, this initiative takes a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach by partnering with other UCLA schools and groups, along with external organizations, to connect academicians, industry and community leaders, policymakers, and students with the goal of promoting greater understanding of these challenging issues.


Initiative Details

The Ziman Center's Housing as Health Care Initiative will invite practitioners, policymakers, and scholars to UCLA for lectures that enlighten and engage students on the concepts and issues related to housing, health and the built environment.
Conferences and Symposia
The Initiative will support an annual conference or symposium focused on housing and built environment-related issues such as housing affordability, food insecurity, community-based health outcomes and neighborhood economic stability.

Each year, an exclusive group of students are chosen to serve one-year terms as Distinguished Fellows via the Howard and Irene Levine Distinguished Fellows Program. The Levine Fellows Program augments the training of the most gifted and ambitious students pursuing real estate education in the areas of housing affordability, related policy and sustainability at UCLA Anderson, UCLA Law, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Fellows are selected for their passion for real estate and social responsibility, academic accomplishments, leadership, and service to UCLA's real estate program. Levine Fellow candidates possess an active interest in low-income and/or workforce housing affordability, related policy, housing and health, sustainability and redevelopment.

Research Support
The UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate annually awards research stipends to UCLA faculty, postdoctoral and visiting scholars to undertake innovative research in the field of real estate finance and economics, urban and regional economics, public policy, urban planning, housing and health, and property law. Academic research papers funded by the Ziman Center's Howard and Irene Levine Program in Housing and Social Responsibility and UCLA Gilbert Program in Real Estate, Finance and Urban Economics are disseminated via the UCLA Ziman Center Working Paper Series.

In addition, the Ziman Center disseminates a monthly UCLA Economic Letter sponsored by the UCLA Gilbert Program. The Economic Letter draws upon original research, policy analyses and forecasts produced by UCLA academics and rewritten into a digestible format.

Latest Research

Date Title Authors
2023 The Role of Political Belief in COVID-19 Vaccine Resistance, Virus Transmission, and Closure Policy Response Danny Ben-Shahar (Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University), Stuart A. Gabriel (UCLA Anderson School of Management), and Roni Golan (NICE Actimize)
2022 More Than Shelter: The Effect of Rental Eviction Moratoria on Household Well-Being (rev)
AEA Papers and Proceedings 2022, 112: 1–6
Xudong An (FRB Philadelphia), Stuart A. Gabriel (UCLA Ziman Center), and Nitzan Tzur-Ilan (FRB Dallas)
2021 Neighborhood Change and Health Gains: Effects of Gentrification on Hypertension and Diabetes Control Katherine Chen, MD, PhD Candidate in Health Policy & Management, UCLA Fielding School; Postdoctoral Fellow, National Clinician Scholars Program
2021 Right to Counsel in New York City Eviction Courts and Adverse Birth Outcomes: A Quasi-Experimental Study Kathryn Leifheit, Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Policy and Management, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
2021 Booms and Busts in Housing Market and Health Outcomes for Older Americans Dahai Yue, PhD Candidate, Health Policy and Management, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
2020 Gentrification, Housing Insecurity, and Preterm Birth Among Black Women and Birthing People in the San Francisco Bay Area Rebekah Israel Cross, PhD Candidate, Community Health Sciences, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
2020 Los Angeles Neighborhoods and COVID-19 Medical Vulnerability Indicators: A Local Data Model for Equity in Public Health Decision-Making Paul M. Ong, Chhandara Pech, Nataly Rios Gutierrez (UCLA CNK), and Vickie M. Mays (UCLA Brite Center for Science, Research and Policy)
2019 Health on Main Streets and Central Business Districts of America Brian Cole, Michael Jerrett, Christina Batteate (UCLA Fielding School of Public Health) and Madeline Brozen (UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs)
2018 Epidemiologic Study of Housing Location and PM2.5 and NO2 Level Exposure and Childhood Leukemia and CNS Cancers Andrew Nguyen, MPH, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Epidemiology, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
2017 Unhealthy Priorities: Reallocating Medical Expenditures to Social Programs Can Improve Public Health and the Economy Linda Diem Tran, Frederick J. Zimmerman, and Jonathan E. Fielding (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, Fielding School of Public Health)

Symposia, Lecture Series and Discussions

UCLA’s Housing as Health Care Initiative supports and organizes symposia and speaker panels on topics focused on critical issues bridging the built environment and health, including housing affordability, healthy communities, housing-based care management for seniors, homelessness, healthy building practices, and more.  These events bring together leaders from academia, policy, community and industry to discuss and share diverse perspectives on the issues at hand.

The UCLA Housing, Neighborhood and Health Series features presentations of scholarly research in the intersection of housing, the built environment and health.  In partnership with centers across the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, and the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, the series presents academic research on critical housing as health care issues followed by discussion of policy implications and real-world applications.

With an increasingly urgent need to adapt to our changing climate, the built environment offers unique opportunities for programs and new practices that can protect and improve human health.  In order to effectively capitalize on these opportunities, it is critical to engage stakeholders from real estate, development, public health, public policy, climate adaptation, and other industries.  In partnership with the UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions and the Center for Impact@Anderson, the Climate Change, Health and Built Environment Discussion Series lays the groundwork for understanding the challenges of climate threats and highlights cross-sectoral practices that can help communities respond and become more resilient.


Lecture Series & Discussions

Symposia & Conferences



For more information, please contact:

Christina Green, MBA, MPH
Program Director, Housing as Health Care Initiative
UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate 
christina.green@anderson.ucla.edu | (310) 825-3322