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UCLA Anderson students, alumnae, faculty and staff are paving the way to success and inclusion for future generations of women worldwide.

Fellowship Spotlight

Nicole Gebriel

Nicole Gebriel (’23) Receives the Second Jenessa Shapiro Fellowship

The award commemorates a UCLA Anderson professor’s groundbreaking research on prejudice and stereotype threats

To honor and advance the legacy of Professor Jenessa Shapiro (1980–2018), the UCLA Anderson community established the Jenessa Shapiro Fellowship Fund, now totaling more than $200,000, through the generosity of students, faculty, staff and friends. The second Jenessa Shapiro Fellowship was presented in fall 2021 to Nicole Gebriel (’23). Like Professor Shapiro, Gebriel is a champion of inclusivity. She serves in leadership roles in the Black Business Students Association and AnderTech, and as a Riordan MBA Fellow. She is headed toward a consulting career with a focus on driving societal impact.


Conducting research is often solitary. Even the welcome opportunities for collaboration can be limited to fellow academics whose work falls within similar lines of interest. One of the great pleasures of serving as UCLA Anderson’s dean is that it’s afforded me the opportunity to widen my circle and develop important relationships with a multitude of strong and creative students. Among the standouts are women leading some of Anderson’s most ambitious initiatives.
The women in our alumni network include the CEOs of tech giants and innovative health care companies who continually redefine what accounts for possibility. The women on our Board of Advisors and my colleagues within Anderson’s faculty and administration are crucial to the school’s mission of education, research and service. Most important, the women in our student body reinvigorate and reenergize our scholastic and professional experience. I’m proud to serve as their colleague and ally.

Tony Bernardo

— Tony Bernardo,
Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management

Research Spotlight: Gender Bias

UCLA Anderson faculty across our areas of study publish research that empowers people and their organizations to understand and address bias in the workplace. Read about their findings in UCLA Anderson Review, where leading journalists report on Anderson faculty’s latest and most provocative work.

How the World Works

UCLA Anderson faculty influence markets, industry, consumer behavior and public policy. Listen to lively conversations with researchers who are confronting the greatest challenges in business today.

You May Be Experiencing Time Poverty, A Root Cause of Unhappiness

Featuring: Cassie Mogilner Holmes, Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making at the UCLA Anderson School of Management
Cassie Holmes’ research and book reveal the methods to control your happiness


Here’s Why Conspiracy Theories Work So Darn Well

Featuring: Jennifer Whitson, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Jennifer Whitson discovered that believers feel they are losing control, so bad information can feel elegant and validating


What If We Could Measure How Good A Corporation Is for Society?

Featuring: Magali Delmas, Professor of Management; Faculty Director, Center for Impact
Magali Delmas’ new transparency study shows change is possible when companies truthfully report ESG metrics


In a Nation of Increasing Extreme Behavior, a Case for Moderation

Featuring: Aimee Drolet Rossi, Professor of Marketing; Marion Anderson Chair in Management
Aimee Drolet Rossi's discoveries indicate great potential for change


Marketers Connect Better With Consumers Using Headphones

Featuring:  Alicea Lieberman, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Alicea Lieberman found that people feel the material more than content through speakers


The Way the FDA Approves Vaccines Should Be Different Now

Featuring: Fernanda Bravo, Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

As Fernanda Bravo tells Warren Olney, it should be risk versus reward.


Are You a Woman Applying for a Job? Choose Words Carefully

Featuring:  Joyce C. He, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
Using masculine words for male-dominated positions will backfire, according to Joyce He


Women Consider Jobs Differently, and Employers Know It

Featuring: Melanie Wasserman, Assistant Professor of Economics

Warren Olney navigates hours, work/life balance and pay with Melanie Wasserman.


Curriculum Innovation

UCLA Anderson faculty bring the kind of research and industry expertise that turn classrooms into launch pads for management careers.

Friday, March 10, 2023

2023 UCLA Anderson Women’s Leadership Summit

UCLA Anderson’s annual Women’s Leadership Summit inspires warmth, laughter, cheers and sharing among an enthusiastic audience. In 2023, Velocity convenes under the theme “Propel” to celebrate female leaders who have made bold career switches, sponsored and mentored other women, helped expand the pipeline to business and fearlessly taken roads less traveled.

Women at Velocity 2023

Relive the Moments of
Velocity 2023

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Faculty Research

UCLA Anderson Review highlights cutting-edge research of interest
to women and the wider world.

Sylvia Hristakeva
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Sherry Wu
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
Jennifer Kao
Assistant Professor of Strategy
Elisabeth Honka
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Melanie Wasserman
Assistant Professor of Economics
Jana Gallus
Assistant Professor of Strategy and Behavioral Decision Making
Andrea Eisfeldt
Laurence D. and Lori W. Fink Endowed Chair in Finance
Beatrice Michaeli
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Hengchen Dai
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations and Behavioral Decision Making
Elisa Long
Associate Professor of Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management
Cassie Mogilner Holmes
Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making; Donnalisa ’86 and Bill Barnum Endowed Term Chair in Management
Fernanda Bravo
Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

Paola Giuliano
Professor of Economics; Justice Elwood Lui Endowed Term Chair in Management
Margaret Shih
Professor of Management and Organizations; Neil Jacoby Chair in Management
Corrine Bendersky
Professor of Management
Jennifer Whitson
Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Mariko Sakakibara
Professor of Strategy; Sanford and Betty Sigoloff Chair in Corporate Renewal
Carla Hayn
Professor of Accounting; Ernst & Young Chair in Accounting
Suzanne Shu
Professor of Marketing
Magali Delmas
Professor of Management; Faculty Director, Impact@Anderson