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Natacha Rafalski (’95)

Présidente, Dineyland Paris
“Leadership is something that you grow into. The teams you build around you are critical.”

Andrea Almeida Mack (’94)

Managing Director, Institutional Marketing and Consultant Relations, The TCW Group
“You have to be a listener and be able to think quickly on your feet. ”

Shaila Chopra (’09)

Vice President of International Television Distribution for Europe, Middle East and Africa, MGM
“When I feel like I’m not getting flexibility naturally in my role, that’s when I start thinking about my next step.”

Maddy Wodjak (’19)

Player Growth Strategist, Riot Games
“My passion is introducing new people to products that I love.”

Mitchella Gilbert (’21)

CEO and Co-Founder, OYA FEMTECH Apparel
“I was inspired to create leggings that were just as strong as the women wearing them. Welcome to the femtech revolution.”

Sumita Jonak (’21)

Founder, Nur Labs
“When you combine interdisciplinary fields you get phenomenal outputs. Nur Labs is looking at an old problem with a fresh pair of eyes.”

Nicole Gear (’20)

Co-Founder, Lanikai Labs
“The UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator helped me survive the stress of completing an MBA while launching a startup.”

Lori Santikian

Faculty Director, UCLA Anderson Fink Center for Finance and Investments
“Investment teams with diverse backgrounds are better poised to generate superior returns. Competitive advantage relies on the ability to see and do what others cannot.”

Katie McGrath

Co-CEO, Bad Robot Production
“Over 50% of our leadership is women, and we’re at 45% people of color. The ‘best’ comes from every part of the country that has often not been at the table.”

Lizzeth Rosales (’20)

FUSE Executive Fellow, FUSE Corps
“I am interested in creating opportunities that empower underserved communities, tackle entrenched social problems and create a more equitable world for all.”

Jennifer Abbondanza (’06)

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, NBCUniversal Media LLC
“Diversity is a corporate strategy, which means that we have a responsibility to track how we’re doing and constantly make adjustments to do better.”

Satiya Witzer (’13)

Director of Human Capital M&A, Private Equity Services, Alvarez & Marsal
“There’s a real need for underrepresented students to see a role model who looks like them. I talk about my personal experience: I’ve been able to accomplish what people call the American dream by taking advantage of opportunities in front of me and working really hard.”

Angela F. Williams

President and CEO, Easterseals
“There are other women CEOs in the health care space. What power it would be for us to come together! We’re developing a call to action around the social determinants of health that impact Black Americans.”

Marissa Vasquez (’18)

Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine; and Primary Care Head Team Physician, Los Angeles Dodgers
“I am the primary care head team physician for the Los Angeles Dodgers and a sports medicine consultant. Little did I know that I would start my new job during the pandemic.”

Susan Love (’98), M.D.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research
“There’s no other organ in our body that goes through so many changes than the breast does, and yet we know very little about it. It shows you why you need to have women doing some of the research.”

Christine Simmons (B.S. ’98)

COO, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
“Just as we look to diversify our workforce, we also want to ensure that the businesses that we’re affording contracts with out in corporate America are going to the business owners that are women-owned, minority-owned, LGBTQ-owned, veterans and people with disabilities.”

Andrea Hoplein (’10)

Vice President of Global Brand Management and Marketing, Electronic Arts
“Every brand that I’ve ever had the pleasure and privilege of working for has been tied into storytelling between humans that triggers a passion point for an individual. Understanding the root and the center of that passion is the fundamental motivation of what makes me tick.”

Erica Millwater (’19)

Data Scientist, BCG GAMMA
“A lot of the effort goes into figuring out how we can communicate what we’ve done. Because if people who aren’t data scientists don’t understand how a model works, they’re going to be skeptical about using it and won’t understand the value of what we’re providing.”

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Caroline W. Nahas (B.A. ’70)
Senior Advisor, Korn Ferry
Chair, UCLA Anderson Board of Advisors

“Don’t dismiss or discount how much of an impact all of us can make. You don’t have to be the CEO, you don’t have to be the president, to make an impact on someone else.”

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Sylvia Hristakeva
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Sherry Wu
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
Jennifer Kao
Assistant Professor of Strategy
Elisabeth Honka
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Melanie Wasserman
Assistant Professor of Economics
Jana Gallus
Assistant Professor of Strategy and Behavioral Decision Making
Andrea Eisfeldt
Laurence D. and Lori W. Fink Endowed Chair in Finance
Beatrice Michaeli
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Hengchen Dai
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations and Behavioral Decision Making
Elisa Long
Associate Professor of Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management
Cassie Mogilner Holmes
Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making; Donnalisa ’86 and Bill Barnum Endowed Term Chair in Management
Fernanda Bravo
Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

Paola Giuliano
Professor of Economics; Justice Elwood Lui Endowed Term Chair in Management
Margaret Shih
Professor of Management and Organizations; Neil Jacoby Chair in Management
Corrine Bendersky
Professor of Management
Jennifer Whitson
Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Mariko Sakakibara
Professor of Strategy; Sanford and Betty Sigoloff Chair in Corporate Renewal
Carla Hayn
Professor of Accounting; Ernst & Young Chair in Accounting
Suzanne Shu
Professor of Marketing
Magali Delmas
Professor of Management; Faculty Director, Impact@Anderson
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