Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing Privileges


Library Identification
The BruinCard is the official identification and service card for UCLA faculty, students and staff.  BruinCards can be obtained at the BruinCard Center in Kerckoff Hall, Room 123.

If your BruinCard has been lost or stolen, please notify the BruinCard Center immediately.  All borrowers are responsible for items charged out on a lost or stolen card unless the loss is reported.

“External” users, i.e., non-UCLA users, may obtain UCLA Library cardsFees and borrowing privileges will vary based upon category of external user.

The UCLA Library Lending Code for University California describes privileges and borrower responsibilities when using the UCLA Library System. The Code also describes policies on fees and fines and library users' legal rights to privacy.

Loan periods apply to the Arts, Biomedical, Powell, East Asian, Management, Music, Young Research Library (YRL), and Science and Engineering Libraries (SEL). Please see loan periods for the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF) and the UCLA Law Library on their respective sites. Loan periods vary by user category (i.e., UC Undergraduate and Graduate Students, and Staff; UC Faculty and Academic Staff; and External Users). Borrowing privileges are not transferable.

Keep Address Information Current
To ensure proper mailing of notices, UCLA library users must notify the university of any change of address, including e-mail address.  UCLA faculty, staff, and Extension students should notify the library of any change of address, including e-mail address.  Any user leaving the vicinity for any period of time continues to accrue applicable fines and replacement charges and should either return all library materials or make arrangements to ensure prompt return of items when due or recalled.

Viewing Your Borrowing Record
You may review a summary of your library transactions online by using the “My Account” tab found within the UCLA Library Catalog Information and instructions on how to use the “My Account” feature are also available online.

Renewals and Requesting Items
Use the “My Account” tab—found within the UCLA Library Catalog online—to renew items you currently have charged-out. 

To recall an item that is currently checked out to another user from a Library Catalog record, use the “Request an Item” link that appears on the far right side of a Catalog record display, under "Actions."  Information and instructions on how to use the “Request an Item” feature are also available online. Please also see Finding a Missing Item and Recall a Checked Out Item. Also learn how to request items stored in the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF).

Return of Library Material
Most library materials can be returned to any UCLA library; this does not include departmental libraries, reading rooms, or archives such as Chicano Studies Research Center Library, English Reading Room, etc.

Interlibrary loan materials and materials with short-term loan periods such as reserve items and unbound periodicals must be returned directly to the library location from which they were borrowed.  Due to the time-sensitive nature of these materials, access for others is maximized when they are returned directly.

Book Return Receipts
Upon request, the Rosenfeld Library will provide receipts for material which is returned to the library.  Please request a receipt at the time the material is returned to the Loan Desk.  You will be asked to fill out a portion of the receipt and a staff member will date/time stamp the receipt for you.

Rosenfeld Library Materials Located at the Southern Regional Library Facility
The Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF) holds library materials from the five southern UC campuses.  These materials are generally lower-use items for which space is not available within campus libraries.  About 50,000 books and serial volumes from the Rosenfeld Library are located at the SRLF.  All SRLF material is listed on the online UCLA Library Catalog.  Information on how to request items located at the SRLF may be found on the How to Request Items Stored in the SRLF page.

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