Social Impact Consulting

UCLA Anderson’s social impact consulting programs give MBA students the experience of applying theoretical concepts of business to real-world societal challenges. Student teams provide pro bono consulting in marketing, operations, finance and expansion strategy to address strategic challenges of mission-driven nonprofits and social enterprises.

Social Impact Consulting Programs

A Life-cycle approach to driving change

Net Impact Consulting Challenge (NICC) 

Social Impact Consulting Corps (SICC)

Applied Management Research (AMR) Field Study

September 2024  April -  June 2024 October - March 2024
Client applications for NICC to go live in September 2023 Client applications for SICC go live in January 2024 Client applications for AMR are live 

Southern California and beyond

Southern California and beyond Southern California and beyond
2-3 Week Consulting 10 Week Consulting 6 Month Consulting
Provided pro bono to the organization Provided pro bono to the organization

Reduced fee:

Domestic Non-Profits- $7,500 (includes $2,500 research budget for the team)

International Non-Profits- $5,000 (includes $5,000 research budget for the team)

For nonprofits with limited scope problems needing quick recommendations. For nonprofits with larger scope problems needing deeper, more strategic research. For more established nonprofits with the human and financial capital to commit to a 6-month rigorous consulting engagement.
Nonprofits and social enterprises seeking solutions to a pressing problem get matched with a team of 3-5 MBA students who work diligently for 2-3 weeks to recommend solutions to a presented problem. Nonprofits and social enterprises in Southern California and beyond are matched with an MBA team to address a strategic priority or problem limiting their success. Domestic nonprofits receive a subsidy to participate in the AMR field study program. Organizations are matched with a team of 5 MBA students, and are expected to work closely with the students to oversee the project.

Student Application Deadline: October 2024

Student Application Deadline: February 2024

Student Application Deadline: Summer Quarter

Client Application Deadline: October 10, 2024 

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Client Application Deadline: February 23, 2024
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Client Application Deadline: July 31, 2023

Social Impact Consulting at a Glance 

Our annual engagements include:
Nonprofit or social enterprises served
Consulting hours

“NICC was a unique opportunity to gain practical consulting experience, engage with the Anderson community, and help a local nonprofit organization amplify their impact. As a group of first year students, it was meaningful to have this memorable experience in our first term and make deeper connections with other students. We proposed a solution that identified a significant untapped market for [our client] to pursue as they continue to grow their educational programs, which could add real value to their nonprofit.”

Joshua Goldman (FEMBA ’25)

Attend an Information Session (Students Only):

October 15, 2020
(Open to Students Only)
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Social Impact Consulting Corps
February 23, 2021 (Open to Students Only)
Registration Information on Campus Groups
AMR Field Study

For Prospective Clients

Nonprofit and for-profit social ventures receive:
  • Valuable exposure to new knowledge, research methods, and research expertise from one of the best business schools in the world
  • The opportunity to work with MBA students specializing in social impact
  • Help with marketing/strategic/operational/expansion plans, assistance on financial strategy and assistance on alignment with social impact
  • Ability to design a project that pulls in expertise from other UCLA departments
  • Quality and rigor of professional students with five-plus years of work experience in the fields of consulting, finance, marketing, operations, technology and social impact

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