UCLA Anderson recognizes that a thriving, diverse community provides the optimal climate for business education. Affirming values shared across the UCLA campus, the EDI Student Advisory Council informs, implements, and enhances school efforts to build equity for all students. Together, we ensure that all current and prospective Anderson students, of every background, shall be equally able to fulfill their potential at the school.
Club Type Club Name Name Position Email
Interest A Comedy Club Arpit Tiwari President email
Abhishek Jha VP of Social email
Interest Adam Smith Society (SmithSoc) Jesse Zhou Co-President email
Yash Shintre Co-President email
Institution Admissions Ambassador Corp (AAC) Cassidy Liz Co-VP of EDI email
Christine Sasaki Co-VP of EDI email
Interest AnderEats Raj Shah Co-President email
Sedric Nesbitt VP of EDI email
Institution Anderson Onboarding Committee (AOC) Afroze Syed VP of EDI email
Simone Zeng VP of EDI email
Institution Anti-Racism Committee Martin Marchiori-Wong President email
Rita Aboujaoude VP of Finance email
Identity Asian Management Student Association (AMSA) Ikki Tanaka VP of Admissions email
William Fung VP of Culture email
Professional Association for Real Estate at Anderson (AREA) philip Mawamba VP of EDI email
Lan (Nancy) Jiang VP of EDI email
Professional Association of Veterans at Anderson (AVA) Sam Woo VP of EDI email
David Oh President email
Athletic Basketball Club at Anderson Ryan Wei VP email
Thomas Utt Co-President email
Identity Black Business Students Association (BBSA) Jeffrey Sullivan Co-President email
Nkemdilim Chukwuma Co-President email
Institution Challenge for Charity (C4C) Martin Marchiori-Wong Co-President email
Hema Katta VP of EDI email
Identity Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) (Anderson Christian Fellowship) Eric Li Co-President email
Hunter Haas Co-President email
Interest Craft Beer Club (CBC) Sedric Nesbitt VP of EDI email
Patrick Macias Co-President email
Interest Creatives at Anderson Hannah Untereiner Co-President email
Afroze Syed Co-President email
Professional Energy and Cleantech Association (ECA) Protiti Datta VP of EDI email
Nayef Bataineh VP of Culture email
Professional Entertainment Management Association (EMA) Jessica Naves VP of EDI email
Jeffery Sullian President email
Institution Entrepreneurs Association Harika Kolli VP of EDI email
Melanie Sirisoma VP email
Identity European Business Association (EBA) Daniel Gereb President email
Artem Miloserdov VP email
Professional Food & Agriculture Business Association (FABA) Rita Aboujaoude VP EDI email
Annie Awaysheh President email
Identity Greater China Business Association (GCBA) Daming Ren Co-President email
Dave Qin Co-President email
Professional Healthcare Business Association (HBA) Caroline Holte President email
Richard Balagtas VP email
Professional Innovation & Design at Anderson (IDeA) Karishna Immanni VP of EDI email
Daniela Gereb President email
Professional Investment Finance Association (IFA) Ritika Shah VP of DOJs email
Sania Salunkhe VP of Career Night email
Identity Japan America Business Association (JABA) Rui Nanao VP of EDI email
Faisal Majid VP of EDI email
Identity Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA) Jeff Wang VP of Allyship email
Arielle Younai President email
Athletic John Anderson Golf Club Austin Weatherholt President email
Neel Mandavillio VP of EDI email
Identity Joint Ventures Hunter Haas Co-President email
Austin Meyer-Ferris Co-President email
Identity Korean Business Student Association (KBSA) Enoch Kim Co-President email
Yonghwan Choi Co-President email
Identity Latin American Business Association (LABA) Cynthia Panez VP of EDI email
Maria Marchant Co-President email
Professional Management Consulting Association (MCA) Alma Zepeda VP of EDI email
Karishma Gokhale VP of External Affairs email
Professional Marketing Association (MA) Emily Hud VP of EDI email
Daniela Canedo VP email
Identity Middle Eastern and Africa Club (MEA) Elie Bichara President email
Rita AbouJaoude VP of Middle East email
Professional Muslim Business Student Association (MBSA) Afroze Syed Co-President email
Adita Farahiyah VP of Operations email
Professional Net Impact (NI) Sophie Laguna VP of EDI email
William Fung VP of EDI email
Identity Out@Anderson (O@A) Mark Dai VP of EDI email
Patrick Macias Co-President email
Athletic Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) Natalia Rodriguez VP of EDI email
Rob Gardiner Co-President email
Professional Retail Business Association (RBA) Sid Suresh President email
Hunter Haas email
Athletic Soccer Club Diego Paredes Co-President email
George Gogochuri Co-President email
Identity South Asian Business Association (SABA) Andrew McCormick VP of Finance email
Shivangi Sharma President email
Identity Southeast Asian Business Association (SEABA) Abhishek Jha VP of EDI email
Nutnaree Silamahakul President email
Interest Spirits @ Anderson Aman Sheth VP of Finance email
Kimberly Sern President email
Professional Sports Business Association (SBA) Cindy Yen VP of Admissions email
Thomas Utt President email
Professional Strategy & Operations Management Association (SOMA) Neha Agarwal VP of EDI email
Varun Iyer President email
Identity Taiwanese Student Business Association (TSBA) Sofia Kao VP of EDI email
Ian Bai VP of EDI email
Professional Tech Business Association at Anderson (AnderTech) Lexie Leung VP of EDI email
David Chen President email
Identity The Alliance for Latinx Management at Anderson (ALMA) Jessica Naves Co-President email
Marysela Garza Co-President email
Athletic Tennis Club at Anderson (TCA) Doug Chang Co-President email
David Oh Co-President email
Professional Travel & Hospitality Association (THA) James Moody President email
Riley Kete VP email
Athletic Wellness & Yoga Club Bradley Chee Co-President email
Nina Leal Co-President email
Athletic Wine Club at Anderson (WCA) Quinn Bader President email
Tara Kezic VP email
Professional Women's Business Connection (WBC) Alma Zepeda VP of EDI email
Sofia Mandel President email
Program Representative Email
FEMBA Guanyu Liu email
EMBA Miriam Chan email
EMBA Purvi Mehra email
EMBA Mana Yamaguchi email
MFE Ayrton Vargas email
MSBA Sreeroopa Som email
MSBA Marilyn Cheng email
Ph.D. (GEM) Aleksandr Gevorkian email
PhD (DOTM) Irem Akcakus email
PhD (DOTM) Mirel Yavuz email
PhD (DOTM) Xinyi Guan email