UCLA Anderson recognizes that a thriving, diverse community provides the optimal climate for business education. Affirming values shared across the UCLA campus, the EDI Student Advisory Council informs, implements, and enhances school efforts to build equity for all students. Together, we ensure that all current and prospective Anderson students, of every background, shall be equally able to fulfill their potential at the school.
Club Type Club Name Name Position Anderson Email
Interest A Comedy Club Katie Schiff President email
Ava Mlinac VP of Events email
Interest Adam Smith Society (SmithSoc) Vivek Mahadevan President email
Ben Vittori Co-President email
Institution Admissions Ambassador Corp (AAC) Courtney Cheng Co-VP of EDI email
Camilo Cuellar Co-VP of EDI email
Interest AnderEats Cynthia Phung President email
Rachel Lam VP of Culinary Education email
Institution Anderson Student Association (ASA) Jesse Meza VP of EDI email
Nuvie Ewharekuko President email
Identity Asian Management Student Association (AMSA) Janet Lee VP of Advocacy email
Jane Choi VP of Advocacy email
Professional Association for Real Estate at Anderson (AREA) Cody Kuhne President email
Vedanth Shetty VP of Communications email
Professional Association of Veterans at Anderson (AVA) Yechan Kim VP of EDI email
Hunter Trice email
Identity Black Business Students Association (BBSA) Kelsey Paul Emory Co-President email
Ashley Johnson Co-President email
Institution Challenge for Charity (C4C) Jodi Christensen Co-President email
Luigi Ramelah VP of EDI email
Identity Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) (Anderson Christian Fellowship) Miranda Fang Co-President email
Katie Quilligan Co-President email
Institution Entrepreneurs Association Darren Douglas VP of EDI email
Kimberly Dinehart email
Identity European Business Association (EBA) Raphael Sultan President email
Nicole Nadig email
Professional VP of Professional and EDI Food and Agriculture Karina Altamirano email
Molly Arenson VP of F/EMBA Relations email
Identity Greater China Business Association (GCBA) Acery (Shuang) Fu email
Weida Liu email
Professional Healthcare Business Association (HBA) Chai Lam VP of EDI email
Dheeraj Jalluri VP of Conference email
Professional VP of Diversity Investment Finance Association (IFA) Rebecca Phuong email
Suyesh Acharya President email
Identity Japan America Business Association (JABA) Heidi Wu VP of FEMBA/EMBA email
Brandon Priest VP of EDI email
Identity Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA) Raphael Sultan VP of Education email
Ava Mlinac email
Identity Joint Ventures Brandon Knechtle VP of EDI email
Kateryna Lazoeryshynets VP of Partnerships email
Identity Korean Business Student Association (KBSA) Jongmin Kim President email
Luana Helsinger email
Professional Management Consulting Association Jessica Rodriguez VP of EDI email
Emma Kessler email
Professional Marketing Association (MA) Annie Tung VP of EDI email
Taylor Smith email
Identity Middle Eastern and Africa Club (MEA) Omar Ghannoum Co-President email
Nicole Rabiu Co-President email
Professional Muslim Business Student Association (MBSA) Sarah Elabd email
Mo Khusro email
Professional Net Impact Safia Mirabella VP of EDI email
Deepu Nadimpalli EVP email
Identity Out@Anderson (O@A) Courtney Cheng Co-President email
Lincoln Sedlacek VP of EDI email
Interest Public Speaking Club at Anderson (PSC) Akshay Tyagi President email
Ramneek Kaur VP of EDI email
Professional Stratergy and Operations Management Association (SOMA) Lee Xiaolong VP of EDI email
Kevin Bai VP of EDI email
Identity South Asian Business Association (SABA) Tharun Boggala President email
Prity Kumari VP of Career Development email
Identity Southeast Asian Business Association (SEABA) Jaruda (Ploii) Suppakarnpanich Co-President email
Sorrasek (Benz) Phiboonthammasak Co-President email
Professional Sports Business Association (SBA) Keini Wilson email
Briana Morgan email
Professional Tech Business Association at Anderson (AnderTech) Caroline Van Allen President email
Amara Barakat VP of EDI email
Identity The Alliance for Latinx Management at Anderson (ALMA) Camilo Cuellar email
Jesse Meza email
Athletic Wellness & Yoga Club Mona Hampapur President email
Suzanne Brewster Co-President email
Professional Women's Business Connection (WBC) Cynthia Adrianjatovo VP of Intersectionality & Inclusion email
Morgan Owens Chief of Staff email
Program Representative
PhD (BDM) Jon Bogard
PhD Tayler Bergstrom
FEMBA Carolanne Link
FEMBA Sarah Anderson
EMBA Deon Goggins
EMBA Avital Harari
EMBA Varun Sharma
MSBA Zoe Aerin
MSBA Chen "Leo" Lin
MSBA Mariah Christy
MSBA Noel Francis
FTMBA Andres G. "Gio" Lincon
FTMBA Jose Clair
FTMBA Smita Patibanda
FTMBA Daniela Mayock
MFE Edgar Adel