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About the Loeb Awards
The Gerald Loeb Awards were established in 1957 by the late Gerald Loeb, a founding partner of E.F. Hutton. Loeb created the awards to encourage and support reporting on business and finance that would inform and protect the private investor and the general public. Journalists and media outlets nationwide submit entries to compete for the Loeb Awards, the most prestigious honor in business journalism. In 1973, Loeb appointed UCLA Anderson the steward of the G. and R. Loeb Foundation. The Dean of UCLA Anderson chairs the award’s final judging committee of leading journalists, news executives and academics. The awards use a two-tier judging process comprising a preliminary round (in Los Angeles) and final round (in New York City). The awards banquet and celebration is held in New York City every June and is attended by the country's most influential journalists, editors, publishers, producers, and media personalities. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates primarily from sponsorship and private support.

Gerald Martin Loeb was born in 1899 in San Francisco, California. He began his career in 1921, in the bond department of a securities firm. He moved to New York City in 1924 to help establish E.F. Hutton and eventually ascended to vice-chairman of the board. During Gerald Loeb’s career, he was a favorite of business and financial journalists for his willingness to be interviewed and was described as “probably the most quoted man on Wall Street” (Forbes Magazine 1955). He was also an author of two investment strategy books, a guest columnist for Forbes Magazine and widely considered a Wall Street icon. In 1957, he established the G. and R. Loeb Foundation (under stewardship of the University of Connecticut) to present The Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. In 1973, Mr. Loeb transferred the stewardship of the awards to UCLA Anderson School of Management under the deanship of Harold Williams.
2021 Finalists

Audio Finalists

"Blood River" – Bloomberg
Monte Reel and Topher Forhecz

"STUCK: Inside California's Housing" – KPCC Southern California Public Radio
Aaron Mendelson, Rina Palta, Priska Neely, Shana Daloria, Chava Sanchez, Adriene Hill, Mike Kessler, Megan Garvey, Dana Amihere and Mark Schoofs

"American Rehab" – Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX
Shoshona Walter, Laura Starecheski, Ike Sriskandarajah, Brett Myers, Kevin Sullivan, Jim Briggs, Fernando Arruda, Katharine Mieszkowski, Najib Aminy, Rosemarie Ho, Al Letson, Amy Julia Harris, Amy Mostafa, Matt Thompson, Esther Kaplan, Andy Donohue, Amanda Pike, Narda Zacchino, Gabe Hongsdusit, Sarah Mirk, Claire Mullen, Byard Duncan, David Rodriguez, Eren K. Wilson and Hannah Young

Beat Reporting Finalists

"Confronting Climate Change in California" – Los Angeles Times
Sammy Roth

"The Peril Ahead" – The New York Times
Ben Casselman

"Amazon's Abuses" – The Wall Street Journal
Dana Mattioli, Cara Lombardo, Patience Haggin and Shane Shifflett

"Essential Workers on the Front Lines" – The Washington Post
Kimberly Kindy, Taylor Telford, Robert Klemko, Abha Bhattarai, Nicole Dungca, Jenn Abelson and Meryl Kornfield

Breaking News Finalists

"60 Minutes: The Jobless" – CBS News
Scott Pelley, Aaron Weisz, Ian Flickinger, Sean Kelly and Jan Mann

"Collapse of Wirecard" – The Financial Times
Dan McCrum, Olaf Storbeck, Stefania Palma, John Reed, Guy Chazan and Laurence Fletcher

"A Vaccine Arrives" – The New York Times
Katie Thomas, Sharon LaFraniere, Noah Weiland and the staff of The New York Times

"Paycheck Protection Program Rollout" – The Wall Street Journal
Bob Davis, Ruth Simon, Peter Rudegeair, Yuka Hayashi, Heather Haddon and Andrew Duehren

Commentary Finalists

"Morgan Housel Commentary" – The Collaborative Fund
Morgan Housel

"An Unequal Economy" – Los Angeles Times
Michael Hiltzik

"The Trump Administration's Use and Abuse of Regulation" – The Washington Post
Catherine Rampell

"Sincerely, Michelle" – The Washington Post
Michelle Singletary

Explanatory Finalists

"Fumed Out" – Los Angeles Times
Kiera Feldman

"Google the Giant" – The Markup
Adrianne Jeffries, Leon Yin, Maddy Varner and Sam Morris

"How Covid Tore Apart Small Businesses" – The Wall Street Journal
Ruth Simon, Valerie Bauerlein, Bob Davis, Yuka Hayashi and Peter Rudegeair

Feature Finalists

"Cruising for Catastrophe" – Bloomberg Businessweek
Austin Carr, Christopher Palmeri, Michael Smith, Drake Bennett, K. Oanh Ha and Matthew Campbell

"Unlucky Charms: The Rise and Fall of Billion-Dollar Jewelry Empire Alex and Ani" – Marker
Aaron Gell and Danielle Sacks

"The Recession's Reach in Florida" – The Washington Post
Greg Jaffe

International Finalists

"Fruits of Labor" – Associated Press
Margie Mason and Robin McDowell

"The FinCEN Files" – BuzzFeed News and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Michael W. Hudson, Dean Starkman, Simon Bowers, Emilia Díaz-Struck, Tanya Kozyreva, Will Fitzgibbon, Sasha Chavkin, Ben Hallman, Karrie Kehoe, Richard H. P. Sia, Tom Stites, Joe Hillhouse, Delphine Reuter, Agustin Armendariz, Margot Williams, Hamish Boland-Rudder, Antonio Cucho, Gerard Ryle, Mago Torres, Scilla Alecci, Jelena Cosic, Miguel Fiandor Gutiérrez, Madeline O'Leary, Patricia Marcano, Kyra Gurney, Miriam Pensack, Spencer Woodman, Michael Sallah, Anne L'Hôte, Amy Wilson-Chapman, Ashlee Guevara, Anthony Cormier, Jason Leopold, Tom Warren, Scott Pham, John Templon, Jeremy Singer-Vine, Richard Holmes, Emma Loop, Sophie Comeau, Waylon Cunningham, Sam Feehan, Nancy Guan, Kristy Hutchings, Kylie Storm, Felicia Tapia, Karen Wang, Abby Washer and Ashley Zhang, Fergus Shiel and Ariel Kaminer

"Facebook's Struggle to Police Hate in India" – The Wall Street Journal
Jeff Horwitz, Newley Purnell and Rajesh Roy

"Huawei, 5G, and the Man Who Conquered Noise" – Wired
Steven Levy

Investigative Finalists

"Addicted to Profit" – Bloomberg News
Cam Simpson, Michael Smith and Nacha Cattan

"Inside Wirecard" – The Financial Times
Dan McCrum, Olaf Storbeck, Sam Jones, Paul Murphy, Helen Warrell, Henry Foy, Max Seddon, Andrew England and Erika Solomon

"In the Shadows: The Rise of Hospital Violence" – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Raquel Rutledge, John Diedrich and Daphne Chen

"Back to the Jungle" – The New Yorker
Jane Mayer

Local Finalists

"Thousands Of D.C. Renters Are Evicted Every Year. Do They All Know to Show Up to Court?" – DCist and WAMU
Josh Kaplan

"Deceit, Disrepair and Death Inside a Southern California Rental Empire" – KPCC Southern California Radio and LAist
Aaron Mendelson, Rina Palta, Chava Sanchez, Shana Daloria and Priska Neely

"Dying for Dollars" – Los Angeles Times
Kim Christensen and Ben Poston

Personal Finance and Consumer Reporting Finalists

"Blacklight" – The Markup
Surya Mattu, Aaron Sankin and Julia Angwin

"Evenflo, Maker of the 'Big Kid' Booster Seat, Put Profits Over Child Safety" – ProPublica
Daniela Porat, Patricia Callahan and Lucas Waldron

"A Personal-Loan Company Sues Its Customers — During a Pandemic" – The Texas Tribune and ProPublica
Kiah Collier, Perla Trevizo, Ren Larson, Paul Kiel, Lexi Churchill and Chris Essig

Video Finalists

"Opioids, Inc." – FRONTLINE and Financial Times
Thomas Jennings, Annie Wong, Nick Verbitsky, Hannah Kuchler, Rebecca Blandón, Anna Auster and Shaunagh Connaire

"The Luanda Leaks Documentary" – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, FRONTLINE and The New York Times
Staffs of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, FRONTLINE, The New York Times and other media partners

"The Electric Vehicle Road Test" – The Wall Street Journal
Frank Matt, Aja Harris, Christina Rogers, Nora Naughton, Erich Schwartzel, James Areddy, Valerie Bauerlein, Katherine Blunt, William Boston, Lee Hawkins, Sean McLain, Laura Kammermann, Clement Burge, George Downs and Robert Alcaraz, Adam Banicki and Lydia Randall

"Banking Below 30" – WFAA-TV
David Schechter, Jason Trahan, Chance Horner and T. Nicole Waivers

Visual Storytelling Finalists

"Climate Scoreboard" – Bloomberg Green
Aaron Rutkoff, Rachael Dottle, Brian Eckhouse, Brittany Harris, Dina Khrennikova, Laura Millan Lombrana, Will Mathis, Rachel Morison, Paul Murray, Demetrios Pogkas, Mira Rojanasakul, Eric Roston, Anna Shiryaevskaya, Olga Tanas, Andre Tartar, Will Wade, Hayley Warren, Jillian Goodman, Sharon Chen, Alex Tribou, Martin Keohan and Yue Qui

"Visualizing the Pandemic Economy" – The New York Times
Rich Harris, Blacki Migliozzi, Niraj Chokshi, Bill Marsh, Guilbert Gates, Ella Koeze, Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Larry Buchanan, Aliza Aufrichtig, Michael Corkery, Derek Watkins, Josh Holder, James Glanz, Weiyi Cai, Benedict Carey, Jeremy White, Jonah Markowitz and Christina Goldbaum

"COVID-19: Tracking and Economic Impacts" – Reuters
Jon McClure, Chris Canipe, Gurman Bhatia, Prasanta Kumar Dutta, Sarah Slobin, Matthew Weber, Ally Levine, Howard Schneider, Feilding Cage and Sangameswaran S.

"WSJ Graphics Portfolio" – The Wall Street Journal
Tonia Cowan, Inti Pacheco, Stephanie Stamm, Peter Santilli, Yan Wu, Vivien Ngo, Jared S. Hopkins, Peter Loftus, Juanje Gómez, Taylor Umlauf, Anthony DeBarros, Ryan Tracy, Maureen Linke, Eliza Collins, Ariel Zambelich, Jessica Wang, Jessica Kuronen, Danny Dougherty, Madeleine Ngo and Katherine Riley

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