Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

The Decisions, Operations and Technology Management (DOTM) area focuses on operations management in the service and manufacturing sectors as the primary means for executing strategy, emphasizes the critical importance of operations to the firm's competitive success and explores the connections at the firm level to other key organizational functions such as design, finance and marketing. Based on foundational concepts and tools from economics, quantitative methods and information technology, DOTM seeks to combine the process view of operations with analytical approaches in conducting research and preparing students for a variety of career opportunities in consulting, financial services, high-technology, manufacturing, retail and entrepreneurial ventures. The UCLA Anderson School is regularly ranked among the top business schools in the world. The DOTM area has been ranked #2 among US business schools in citation impact [see here].

DOTM is responsible for two core courses in the MBA and Fully Employed MBA programs:

and three core courses for the Executive MBA program:

In addition, each year DOTM offers about a dozen electives, many of which are designed specifically to serve the major segments of the MBA job market, and about half a dozen Ph.D. level courses. The area maintains relations with several student organizations, including the High Tech Business Association, Strategic Operations Management Association and the Entrepreneur Association.

The area is comprised of 15 faculty members (13 ladder, 1 adjunct and 1 lecturer), of whom 2 maintain dual affiliation with the Strategy area and 1 maintains dual affiliation with the Marketing area, plus two support staff. As individuals and in teams, they are active in a variety of research areas, including:

  • Contracting And Coordination Problems In Business Networks
  • Environmental Issues In Business
  • Game Theory
  • Management And Design For Information Intensive Industries
  • New Product Design
  • Probabilistic And Statistical Models In Marketing And Sports
  • Process Industry Management
  • Retail Operations Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Strategy In Manufacturing And Service Operations
  • Supply Chain Management

Business leaders make frequent appearances in DOTM's MBA classes, and Ph.D. students benefit from a vigorous research colloquium that hosts accomplished researchers from other universities.

DOTM has a long and venerable tradition going back a full half century to the earliest days of operations research and management science, one of the key disciplines underlying modern operations management. This tradition includes creating one of the earliest business school academic units in this discipline, attracting some of the best recognized leaders in this discipline, spawning important research developments, acting as a magnet for two very large grants to the school with school-wide and even regional impact and playing an important role in the 1953 founding of one of the two premier professional societies (TIMS) in operations research and management science. A more detailed description of DOTM's domain and approach is available [here].

To locate faculty with expertise in specific topics see the [Faculty Expertise Guide].