Application Deadlines


The application for the entering Class of 2025, which will begin in the fall quarter of 2024 is LIVE!


The application period is divided into three rounds/deadlines:

Application Deadline
December 31
Tentative decision release date March 1
Application Deadline
March 1
Tentative decision release date April 30
Application Deadline
April 30
Tentative decision release date May 31

Before contacting us, please take a moment to review these frequently asked questions.

We aim to make sure you’re as informed as possible during the application process. If you’re not able to find the answer you need, feel free to email us.

Prospective Applicants – General

Does the MFE qualify as a STEM program?

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

How long is the program?

How large is the entering class?

Do I need to know programming languages to enter the program?

How is the MFE program different than the MBA and MSBA programs offered by UCLA Anderson?

Which test is preferred, the GMAT or the GRE?

What is the academic calendar schedule for the program?

What kind of jobs do UCLA Anderson MFE graduates land?

How much do MFE graduates make in their first job out of the program?

Can I work while I am in the program?

Will there be a rolling admissions process or is there a deadline for release of admissions decisions?

Can I defer my admission?

Will prerequisite courses completed on Coursera or MOOCs be eligible for consideration?

Do you accept transfer credits?

Are course waivers accepted?

Can I take individual MFE courses?

Do I need a laptop computer for the MFE Program?


What type of degree does the admissions committee require for domestic and international applicants?

I am an international student, can I still apply?

Are there quotas for international, in-state or out-of-state students?

Application - General

Where can I get an application?

When is the deadline to apply?

Can I apply to both the Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) and the MSBA programs this year?

Where do I mail my official transcripts?

How many letters of recommendation do I need, and by whom should they be written?

If only two letters of recommendation are required, why is the application system asking for three?

What is the cost of the MFE Program?

How much is the application fee?

Is there an admission enrollment deposit?

How much do the letters of recommendation, interview, GMAT/GRE, etc., matter? Do you weigh one more heavily than the others?

What should I do if there is a problem uploading a recommendation letter or the letter writer does not receive a confirmation email?

Where can I get information about the GRE and GMAT?

Is there a foreign language requirement?

If I am not from the United States or another English-speaking country, do I need to take the TOEFL?

I have a degree from a 3-year program. Will my application be considered?

Can I check my application status over the telephone or via email?

I received an offer from a competing program with a deadline but I still have not heard from UCLA Anderson. What should I do?

Application - Test Scores and GPA

If I take the GMAT/GRE more than once, will the Admissions Committee average the scores or take the highest one?

Is there an expected GMAT/GRE score or GPA required for admission?

What is the minimum TOEFL/IELTS score that is required?

What is the ESLPE for Admitted Applicants?

What if my submitted exam score is not reflecting on my application? e.g. GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS.

Application - Work Experience

Is work experience required before applying to the UCLA Anderson MFE program?

Application - Interview

Are interviews part of the application process?

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Is financial aid available?

What is the cost of attendance (for financial aid purposes)?

Are scholarships available?

I am a California resident. Are there any fellowships available to me if I am admitted to the UCLA Anderson MFE program?

COVID-19 Updates

Will COVID-19 result in a different start date for the class of 2022?

COVID-19 has kept me from taking required tests such as the GMAT, GRE and TOEFL. How can I meet the application deadline?

Can I defer my admission to next year?

I am unable to get my official transcripts due to school closures. Can I submit them later?

Will you accept the at-home test scores? If so, will they be evaluated differently than those taken at a testing center?

What steps has UCLA Anderson taken to ensure that career recruiting is strong during the coronavirus pandemic?

Can I get an application fee waiver due to the impacts of the coronavirus?

How can I make sure I won't miss out on the social aspects of the MFE program?

I'm currently an undergraduate student, and because of the coronavirus, my school is offering a Pass/No Pass option for my courses. Will this impact me if I apply to your MFE program in the future?

If I was laid off due to impacts of the coronavirus, will this impact my chances of getting admitted?

If I can't make an on-campus visit due to travel restrictions, will this impact my admissions chances? How can I still learn more about your program?

How will my UCLA Housing be affected?