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Our curriculum is designed to lead you to create impact at your career destination. Even our most prestigious alumni in leadership positions recall the business fundamentals they learned in their first year at UCLA Anderson. This powerful set of tools leads you into a more flexible, experiential curriculum in your second year, which includes our real-world master’s thesis to give you unparalleled access to organizations both regionally and globally.

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Leadership @Anderson


UCLA Anderson is changing the practice of business. In the Leadership@Anderson program, we integrate our Transformative Leader framework into classroom learning and real-world opportunities so that students can drive the change they want to see.

An MBA education must not be a performative experience yielding only short-term gains. This is why UCLA Anderson ensures that each MBA student’s entire learning journey drives leadership development through monthly one-on-one coaching and observation. In the program, students grow their skills and acumen via academic insights, personal reflections and coaching conversations that promote accountability. Students will see themselves develop into better leaders over the course of the program, and this valuable coaching comes included in the MBA experience.

How Leadership@Anderson Works

  • Each MBA student develops a leadership practice plan in their first week.
  • Students begin monthly coaching designed to advance and iterate on their plan. Monthly written deliverables and in-person conversations track progress.
  • All coaching sessions and all MBA courses have a focus on building the capabilities of the Transformative Leader:

Solves complex business problems in a transforming industry landscape


Catalyzes action in organizations, teams and individuals

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