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With each class representing leadership across dozens of different industries and functional roles, students in the UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program benefit as much from each other’s diverse expertise as they do from the curriculum. Our students are constantly exploring new opportunities that can only be identified by sharing perspectives across a range of business verticals.
Class Profile
Countries of Origin
14 years
Work Experience (Avg.)
9 years
Management Experience (Avg.)

33 Industries

  • High Tech17%
  • Health Care Services13%
  • Government (Local, State, Federal)10%
  • Entertainment6%
  • Finance6%
  • Software6%
  • Consulting4%
  • Retail4%
  • Pharma/BioTech/Medical3%
  • Real Estate3%
  • Transportation3%
  • Aerospace2%
  • Media/Communications2%
  • Petroleum/Energy2%
  • Other Services2%
  • Automobile1%
  • Sports Mgmt1%
  • Manufacturing1%
  • Marketing1%
  • Agribusiness1%
  • Accounting1%
  • Advertising1%
  • Computer Services1%
  • Construction 1%
  • Education1%
  • Engineering1%
  • Food/Beverage1%
  • Insurance1%
  • Utilities1%
  • Wholesale1%
  • CPG1%
  • Internet1%
  • Law1%

24 Functions

  • Health Care/Management10%
  • General Management9%
  • Engineering9%
  • Business Development8%
  • Marketing7%
  • Other7%
  • Consulting6%
  • Finance6%
  • Operations/Production6%
  • Accounting/Controller4%
  • Software Development4%
  • Law4%
  • Real Estate3%
  • Small Business Owner3%
  • Entrepreneur2%
  • Human Resources2%
  • Strategic Planning2%
  • Technical Consulting1%
  • Administration1%
  • Systems Analyst1%
  • Writing Broadcasting1%
  • Recruiting1%
  • Social Sciences General1%
  • Transportation General1%

Los Angeles 39%

Orange County 11%

San Diego 11%

Northern CA   13%

Geographic Regions

22% Outside CA (AK, AZ, CO, DE, FL, HI, IN, KS, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA)

2% Central CA

2% Outside U.S. (China, Brazil)

Los Angeles39%

Orange County11%

San Diego11%

Northern CA13%

22%Outside CA

2%Central CA

2%Outside U.S.

“UCLA Anderson EMBA had the top two things I was looking for in a program — great reputation and a strong global network. Despite the distance between the UCLA campus and my home in Chile, I wasn’t going to let the travel get in the way of reaching my goals. Twenty-two months is a short time compared to the long impact you are able to make afterward.”

Paulina Hernandez Rios (’19)
Consultant, The Acceleration Project

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“One of the many reasons I chose UCLA’s EMBA program is its reputation for recruiting and graduating high-caliber executives. It’s been an incredible opportunity thus far to learn and collaborate with such diverse, brilliant leaders.”

Sarah Giroux (’19)
Business Consultant, Sarah Marie Consulting

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