Graduating Seniors

Please read through the below topics
and make sure that you are ready to graduate.


Graduation Reception

Contact the Accounting Minor Office in D208 for more details.

Degree Audit

If there are any concerns regarding your eligibility to graduate with the minor, you will be contacted by email.

Dropping the Minor

If you want to drop the minor, please go to the Dropping the Minor Page.

Red "X" on your DAR, or Bolds and Blanks on your DPR

If there are any read boxes with an "X" in the Accounting Minor section on your Degree Audit Report (DAR), or any bolds or blanks in the Accounting Minor section of your Degree Audit Report (DPR) for required courses that you have already satisfied, you DO NOT need to worry about your graduation status. If you have any questions, please contact the Accounting Minor Office in D208.

Upper Division Coursework: earning a C or better

Please be aware that all upper division accounting classes must be taken at UCLA earning a C or better in each course. In addition, if you earned a C- or below in any accounting class, even outside of the minor requirements, you will be required to retake the course or drop the minor. Note: You can only repeat one upper division course.

DAR or DPR Reviewing

If there are no problems with your DAR or DPR, there is no need to see the counselor. If you would like to go over your DAR or DPR for graduation requirements, please come by during drop-in hours at the Accounting Minor office, Anderson D208.