The UCLA Economic Letter

The UCLA Economic Letter is the monthly communication of the UCLA Anderson Forecast and the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. The Letter, sponsored by the Ziman Center's UCLA Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Program in Real Estate, Finance and Urban Economics, provides new insights into the major economic and real estate concerns of the day in a quickly digestible format. It draws upon original research, policy analysis and forecasts produced by UCLA academics and Forecast economists to address the most pressing issues confronting us all. As the premier public university, the University of California serves society as a center of higher learning and strives to provide long-term societal benefits through the discovery and transmission of advanced knowledge. The UCLA Economic Letter series seeks to support those goals.

Month Title Author(s)
December How to Create Workforce Housing From Transportation Hubs Paul Habibi
November How Smart Phones Dialed up the Food-Truck Boom and Increased Access to Food Variety Edward Kung and Elliot Anenberg
October The Google Fear Index: Internet Searches Paint a Clearer Picture of Homeowner Distress Chandler Lutz
September The Myth That Janet Yellen Is 'Soft' On Inflation
The President Should Beware Rolling the Dice With Summers; Yellen Is a Safer Bet
Stephen D. Oliner
August Debunking the Myth of Strategic Default
New Data Suggests That "Strategic" Defaults During the 2007-2009 Recession Were Relatively Rare
Kyle F. Herkenhoff
July Pollution Controls Boost Beach Attendance
Study Shows a Cleaner Santa Monica Bay Attracts up to 40% More People
Perla Atiyah, Neil Lessem, Linwood Pendleton and Ryan Vaughn
June How to Predict the Fed
A Guide for the Perplexed
Stephen D. Oliner
May Let's Privatize the Federal Deficit
Washington Is Incapable, So Taxpayers Should Settle the Deficit Directly
Edward E. Leamer
April How Fast Can the Economy Grow?
That Depends on Information Technology and Sensible Policy Actions
Stephen D. Oliner
March What Is Predicting Long-Term Home Price Increases Across Cities?
Income, Human Capital, City Size and Climate All Contribute to Demand
William Wei-Choun Yu
February A Deeper Shade of Green Building
A Closer Look at Evidence Shows How Energy Use in Commercial Structures is Impacted by Structure Quality and Contract Incentive
Matthew E. KahnNils Kok and  John M. Quigley
January How Long Did it Take to Plan That Building?
Long and Getting Longer, Says the First Comprehensive Study on This Topic
Stephen D. Oliner

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