Fully Employed MBA Class Profile

Diverse. Challenging. Supportive. Leaders.

UCLA Anderson attracts an astounding range of people, perspectives and opportunities. From underrepresented to military to LGBTQ+ students, not to mention the international students who make up more than one-third of our class, you’ll find an open-minded and diverse community.

Undergraduate Majors Represented

22% Engineering
20% Business/Management
16% Humanities/Other Social Sciences
10% Economics
10% Phys./Biological Sciences
4% Math/Computer Sciences
18% Other
Work Experience
It's the quality of your work experience, not the quantity, that matters.

Top Industries Represented

14% Entertainment/Media
10% High Tech
9% Financial Services
8% Pharma/Biotech/Med
6% Aerospace
6% Healthcare Services
6% Software
4% Government
4% Education
3% Real Estate
3% Food/Beverage/Tobacco
A Global Culture that Learns Locally
24 Countries Represented, 1 Student Body
Students talking

Our FEMBAssadors are a group of diverse student ambassadors who can guide you through life at UCLA Anderson and answer your specific questions about their experiences. Ger direct insight on what it's like to be in FEMBA.

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