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In 2017, approximately 4.3% of UCLA Anderson students were hired into various organizations across the real estate industry in areas such as development, strategic planning and analysis, investment, operations and finance. Companies hiring Anderson students ranged from large, diversified commercial and development companies to real estate investment trusts (REITs) and regional firms. The Parker Career Management Center has helped students land a median salary of $105,000, with 25% landing signing bonuses averaging $11,000.


Where You Want to Be


The following are some of the organizations hiring UCLA Anderson MBA students in real estate (both full-time employment and summer internships):

The specific real estate functions UCLA Anderson MBA students enter include:
  • Operations
  • Development
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Finance
  • Investments



Our entrepreneurship curriculum guides students to: (1) identify and assess potential opportunities; (2) acquire key resources necessary to pursue the opportunity; (3) develop strategies to generate market interest; and (4) simultaneously manage organizational operations, transitions and growth. Pursuing the Business Creation Option of the Applied Management Research (AMR) field study project is highly recommended.


Real Estate, Global Management


Sample Electives

  • Urban Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • Business Law
  • Cases in Real Estate Development
  • Fixed Income Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Law and Taxation
  • Real Estate Economics, Capital Markets and Securitization
  • Price Policies
  • Affordable Housing Development

Additional real estate courses are available to MBA students at the School of Law, including:

  • Environmental Law
  • Urban Housing and Community Development
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Financial Analysis

"I came to Anderson with three years of experience in the real estate industry. One year after the real estate Anderson Career Teams, dozens of informationals, numerous corporate presentations, two Anderson real estate classes, a part-time internship in the spring and a summer internship, I can safely say that I have learned 10 times more in one year of business school than I did in those first years of my career."

Andrew Settle (’18)

Real Estate

Applied Management Research (AMR)
Sample Projects

  • Evaluated the impact of an agricultural initiative on a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring domestic and international farmland
  • Developed a business plan for a top U.S. medical center on the funding for the construction of a simulation space near the hospital, along with a strategy to drive customers to this space
  • Examined the opportunity for a real estate investment firm focused on farmland to vertically integrate, enter into joint ventures and/or acquire packers and distributors


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