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The Center for Global Management works with UCLA Anderson and UCLA student clubs to organize annual conferences focused on key geographic regions of the world. Prominent and influential speakers, including UCLA Anderson and UCLA alumni, participate in these conferences that are delivered both in-person and virtually and provide a platform to build networks, exchange ideas and understand the trends, opportunities and challenges of doing business in and with important regions of the world. The conferences also draw upon the expertise and knowledge of faculty from UCLA Anderson and across the UCLA campus who actively participate. In 2019, conferences focused on Latin America and the Greater China region.

Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference

The conference brings together leading executives, innovators and investors from the Greater China region and United States from a variety of impact-driven sectors for a series of conversations. While the focus of the conference may vary each year, the conference provides a platform to learn from and network with successful and influential leaders. Experts share their thoughts and perspectives on topics such as how technology is driving the transformation of society, enterprises and consumers around the world; the key enablers and unique context of the Greater China region; lessons learned from engaging in cross-border investment; successful strategies for mitigating issues, increasing effectiveness and optimizing operations in facilitating cross-border growth and expansion; and the contextual leadership that is imperative in the evolving global economic landscape.


Latin American Business Conference

The 2019 Latin American Business Conference brought together influential leaders from both the private and public sectors to address opportunities in and concerns of the region and articulate a road map that informs and inspires actions to engage with Latin America’s bright and prosperous future. Conversations addressed issues facing Latin America and challenged the audience to rethink the traditional ways of doing business given the current economic, social and political states of the Region at the time. Latin America must leverage its position in the world to foster sustainable growth and become a welcoming place for trade and investment, as well as an environment that encourages good governance and workforce development and education. Calls to action are necessary to develop and benefit from the opportunities that will allow the region to flourish and become a relevant and influential player on the world’s stage. In 2020, the conference was replaced with the Latin American Business Series.


Academic and Research Conferences

2020 and Beyond: Spotlight on a Shared Future

February 2020

International Symposium on Chinese Entrepreneurship

October 2019

Transcending Borders and Transforming Paradigms: Shaping a Future That Unites Us

January 2019

Immigration and Health Care: Status, Access and Bridging the Disparity

February 2019

Water in the Middle East and Africa: A Nexus of Cooperation and Conflict

May 2018

Populism’s New Wave

February 2018