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Mini Board Model


Anderson study groups are built to resemble a board of directors. Each group includes an engineer, a finance/accounting professional, a military officer or veteran, a marketing professional, and an additional expert (wild card) from another functional area.

he Unique Advantage of Our Executive MBA Program

What EMBA Does for Me

"I would never haved ended up in my position, and I mean never, if I hadn't taken the road through Anderson's EMBA program. Doing so made all the difference in the trajectory of my career."

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

"Before I came to Anderson, I was fluent in the language of medicine, but completely ignorant of the language of business. While one language is used to save lives, the other is used to change lives and I found them both extraordinary and necessary in my evolution as a physician and a surgeon."

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

"I feel the UCLA Anderson School of Management appreciates me as a veteran and they value my military leadership and management experience.”

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

"Had I not graduated from UCLA Anderson, I would not have been hired by Google in 2007. I would not have spent six years at Google leading parts of their advertising business. I would not be in my current position helping to build Twitter's advertising business. In short, I would not have the career I have today."

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

"Through the network of students, professors and alumni, I have been thoroughly impressed with their total willingness to mentor and develop any opportunities I am pursuing."

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

"Challenging material, thought-provoking discussions and high-caliber classmate talent have inspired me to push limits and rethink what is possible in business."

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

"EMBA introduced me to more companies, functions and verticals than I ever anticipated. Since my classmates are at such high levels, these contacts (and friends) have become invaluable!"

UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program

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