Clubs & Extracurriculars

The student culture at UCLA Anderson encourages both professional and personal development.

Whether it's tackling the intricacies of corporate strategy, leading a student initiative or organizing a community service activity, every UCLA Anderson student is tested by both the academic rigors of the school and the development activities outside of class.

Anderson has been a great place to learn to step out of my comfort zone. The student culture of collaboration, inclusion, and authenticity has allowed me to take risks, learn, and grow at an unprecedented rate. I can't wait to apply these lessons learned as a leader in my field post-graduation.

Sara Duran Fernandez ('24)

Liaison, the Consortium for Graduate Study of Management
VP of Admissions, Women's Business Connection
VP of Brand Management, Marketing Association
VP of Marketing, Sports Business Association
VP of Social, Alliance for Latinx Management

Anderson Student Association (ASA)

ASA photo

The ASA is made up of over 50 student-run clubs and organizations and is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and funding an ever-increasing number of events and services designed to enrich the educational and extracurricular experiences at UCLA Anderson. By virtue of enrollment, every UCLA Anderson student is a member of ASA and is eligible to participate in all sponsored events.

Student Clubs


Our 50+ student clubs, which represent a wide array of professional, social and identity-based interests, are the lifeblood of the unique UCLA Anderson culture. As you start to research how you would like to become involved at Anderson, feel welcome to reach out to our student leaders, who would be happy to share their individual experiences in their respective clubs.

Community Involvement

UCLA Anderson students are passionate about giving back, not just to their communities, but to the world at large. Each year, they volunteer thousands of hours for a diversity of activities ranging from community service and mentoring to fundraising and social impact conferences. We've highlighted a few of these activities below, but this is just a sampling of the many opportunities available for students to give back at UCLA Anderson.