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Our companies benefit from the expertise of our advisors and the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator’s resources to make their pursuits a success. UCLA Anderson’s faculty, along with our considerable alumni base, know how to ensure these early-stage startups can play the long game.
Life Sciences & Digital Health

Surgistream is a medical technology company that focuses on the logistics of surgical scheduling and coordination. Surgical logistics are burdensome for the physician, support staff, and medical device sales representatives. This leads to lost time, lost revenue, and creates a patient safety issue. Surgistream creates a unique platform to engage and educate the physician, while also bringing the ease of Amazon and efficiency of Uber to surgical logistics.

Consumer Packaged Goods

DrinkLyte offers the perfect combination of electrolytes, sugars, and water to help people rehydrate after drinking alcohol so they can be healthier and do more the next day.

Holi Scoops

Holi Scoops is taking frozen dessert in a new direction that’s more holistic and wholesome with every spoonful. Through a blend of clean, nutritious ingredients and carefully chosen healing plants, we craft delicious frozen desserts that make you feel balanced both in body and mind. Our recipes consider a wide array of dietary restrictions so that as many people as possible can indulge smarter. All of our flavors are non-GMO, plant-based, no sugar added, paleo, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and above all else, functional.


하드Nectar is the first Asian Hard Seltzer. Everyone jumping into the hard seltzer market seems to be doing the same thing… grapefruit, lime, mango, etc. So we did something different. Drawing inspiration from all the unique flavors that we grew up loving, we felt that there was a huge segment of consumers that were being ignored in the hard seltzer category. 하드Nectar is a smooth, light hard seltzer that pays homage to the various Asian communities and culture-shifters that shaped our early lives and made us who we are today.

Sunga Life

Sunga Life is a DTC swimwear and athleisure brand that took the popular swimwear from Brazil and made it patriotic and all about freedom.

Consumer Digital
AV Music Group

AV Music Group creates data-powered songwriting tools that help professional artists, musicians, and major music companies write great songs. Everyone has data - it’s knowing how to leverage it during the creative process that sets us apart.


ToUIQ is the world’s first premium car rental share company. We are fixing a broken car rental model, using tech to solve for the inefficiencies, infrastructure, and costly overhead. Traditional rental car experiences generally have customers riding crowded shuttle buses and waiting in long lines to pick up an unpleasant smelling, moderately clean car, and then driving out of their way to drop the car off and hop back onto the crowded shuttle bus. ToUIQ delivers premium cars, that are ultra-clean and sanitized, to our customers wherever and whenever they choose, and then collects the vehicle from wherever and whenever they choose at the end of their rental, all at a very affordable and competitive price. We offer the cleanest, safest, most contactless experience in the shared mobility industry today, which is more important than ever with the onset of COVID-19. We are striving to deliver the most amazing car rental experience ever, from end-to-end. ToUIQ is the first fully digital full-service premium rental share company;  and we plan to build that into a killer app by 2024. Our vision is to expand into an intelligent commerce platform and concierge service, powered by Autonomous and AI.

Emerald Necklace

Emerald Necklace Investments is an architecturally innovative hedge fund strategy that invests in a concentrated portfolio of public equities focused in the healthcare, information technology, consumer discretionary, industrials, and financials sectors.


Highway wants to give employers a leg up in the war for talent by modernizing employee benefits and improving the financial wellness of employees. Our first product is a student loan repayment platform which empowers employers to attract and retain a more engaged and secure workforce.


InvestorTech is a Web and Mobile application providing easy-to-understand investment and trade guidance for non-professional retail traders. Our platform uses institutional-grade artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and risk management capabilities helping you to find opportunities in the stock market to increase your return while providing guidance on portfolio management to decrease your investment risk.


Auto3D is an automated 3D printing network for individual consumers, small scale and enterprise businesses looking to outsource the additive manufacturing process. The company's IP allows the 3D printer to print part after part without any manual input compared to normal 3D printing.