Student Outcomes & Placement

Embedding an MSBA program in one of the top business schools in the world enables us to graduate professionals who can perform powerful analytics and understand business context — so they can convincingly communicate the data story to the non-tech business leaders who rely on their insights. 

Our graduates assume leadership roles in almost every imaginable industry, from startups to the largest multinational corporations.

$123,572 – Average Full-Time Salary, Class of 2022

$22,510 – Average Signing Bonus*, Class of 2022

*48% reported receiving signing bonus

Many factors contribute to successful outcomes, including the extensive efforts Career Services makes to prepare you for and connect you with the marketplace. Ultimately, student effort and market conditions play the largest roles in determining job search success.  

UCLA Anderson MSBA does not guarantee placement in the United States or elsewhere.

Full-Time and Internship Roles


The most common roles UCLA Anderson MSBA students accept, with levels of seniority (e.g. “Senior” or “Manager” titles) based on prior experience, are:

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Product Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Product Manager, Data Engineer, Analytics Consultant


Additional roles  

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Customer Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Decisions Analyst
  • Risk / Credit / Fraud Analyst
  • Strategy Analyst
  • Innovation Manager
  • Audience Data Analyst
  • Growth Analyst
  • Loss Forecasting Analyst
  • People Analyst
  • Predictive Analytics Specialist
  • Research Analyst
  • Process Intelligence Consultant
  • Supply Chain Analyst
Student Placement by Industry

Big Tech


Tech: Internet / Social Media


E-commerce / Retail / Consumer Products


Entertainment / Gaming / Sports

Logos including Disney, Paramount, Riot games
Logos including Sony, Epic games, Pandora

Finance / Fintech / Insurance



Healthcare / Bio-tech / Pharma


Tech: Hardware / Software / Networks




 The Business School Difference

UCLA Anderson’s MSBA teaches data scientists how to communicate the data story

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