Travel and Hospitality Association (THA)

The Travel and Hospitality Association (THA) aims to prepare students to become leaders and experts in the travel and hospitality industry. The club provides a social and educational center for students to share unique travel experiences and gain exposure to professional trends through events that bring students behind the scenes with industry experts. As a community open to all students at UCLA Anderson with a passion for exploring the world, the THA encourages connections that will lead to either new adventures or new career opportunities for those interested in working in travel and hospitality.

See a brief introduction of our student ambassadors at the Travel & Hospitality Association.



Speaker Series
Hear what today’s leaders and executives in the travel and hospitality industry have to say about their field. Be inspired by how they view the world, and learn from their success stories.

Days on the Job
The THA visits companies around Los Angeles in the airline, hospitality, restaurant, travel and cruise industries. Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the core of operations of some of the most cutting-edge travel companies.

Industry Workshops
Airline, hotel, travel and hospitality workshops led by alumni and second-year students enhance students’ knowledge of the industries and prepare students for recruiting.

Travel Events
The THA builds and connects the travel community at Anderson by organizing local and regional travel events and day trips.

Connect with Us

For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.