External (Non-Anderson) Users of Rosenfeld Library

External (Non-Anderson) Users of Rosenfeld Library


As a UCLA Library campus resource, Rosenfeld Library is open to external users and you are welcomed to utilize the Rosenfeld Library. Please be aware that, because Rosenfeld Library prioritizes the Anderson community, you may likely encounter services, resources, and spaces which are restricted for the exclusive use of Anderson students, faculty and staff.

When you encounter an Anderson restriction, Rosenfeld staff members are available at our 3rd Floor Loan Desk to inform you about restrictions, as well as to help you understand your options for what you may access. We may ask you to relocate from an Anderson-only location to a general seating location; as possible, we may be able to identify an accessible database in lieu of a restricted one; or, we may refer you to an accessible service or to a different UCLA Library which supports your academic area.

The Anderson-only restricted services, resources and spaces in Rosenfeld Library include:

1 st Floor :  Accelerator spaces and group study rooms

2 nd Floor : 3 computing labs and 8 glass-surround pods

3 rd Floor : All public areas are general purpose areas; there are no Anderson-only areas. Our four computer workstations are prioritized for Anderson, with one workstation open to the public on a first-available basis. When others are waiting, most have a 15-minute limit.

4 th Floor : Entire fourth floor is Anderson-onlyat all times:
12 glass-surround pods
8 quiet reading spaces
All mobile lounge chairs
Board Room

A small number of databases are licensed to Anderson only; yet, most of our databases are licensed more widely to UCLA or UC. Our Business Databases By Name (A-Z) webpage provides a graphic at each database indicating its authorized user group.

Faculty course support, doctoral student dissertation support, and Field Study consultations are Anderson-only services. Virtual reference is prioritized for Anderson course needs. General virtual assistance is prioritized to e-mail addresses ending in 'ucla.edu.'  NOTE:  Staffing constraints limit our ability to respond to virtual requests from Internet users at large.

Use of Anderson-only services, resources, and spaces typically requires an Anderson BruinCard and/or an Anderson network logon.

Most Anderson-only restricted areas have point-of-use signage.  Our intent in disclosing Anderson-only restrictions is for transparency.  Should you encounter such an Anderson-only restriction, please ask Rosenfeld staff for help.

Rosenfeld Library adheres to the UCLA Library policies for

Conduct in the UCLA Libraries
User Rights and Responsibilities
Appropriate Use of Licensed Electronic Resources

We appreciate your understanding and your cooperation.

Page last modified March 17, 2016.