Student Life

An Experience dedicated to you

Student life as an MSBA is designed to be fully, wholly about your transformation as an analytical leader.

We create a schedule that includes unique workshops, special events and gamification to make this program 100% different.

Why is the UCLA MBSA experience different?

MSBA students bring more to the table than most: they pack a unique blend of technical prowess, critical thinking, on-point communication and analytical problem-solving. They deserve the very best preparation, as our MSBA graduates are changing the way businesses make decisions.

Be Bold • You Are Always On • Be Heard • Own the Room

These are the MSBA program mantras. Here, you will quickly understand how data will empower you to live out these tenets in your work.

"At MSBA, we don't shove away work because our plate is full. We just get a bigger plate!"

Ram Rohan Ramanathan MSBA ’22

An Unforgettable transformation

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