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“UCLA Anderson’s FEMBA program is an incredible learning community made up of business leaders who thrive on challenges, expand their horizons and achieve their loftiest goals.”

Dylan Stafford

Assistant Dean & Director of Admissions
UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA Program

Five pieces of advice that may assist you with your application

Each year, the FEMBA Admissions Committee selects a talented and diverse class from a pool of highly competitive applicants. As the person accountable for admissions, my goal is for you to look at your new classmates on your first day of Leadership Foundations and say to yourself, “Wow. I am now part of an amazing community that will expand my horizons for the rest of my career. I am honored and excited to be at UCLA.”
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Step 1: Come meet us personally

Choose from an array of events at which to meet us, online or in person.


Step 2: Apply early

Admitted students may take advantage of career services, financial aid consults, academic prep courses and social networking — even before orientation.

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Step 3: Make every part of your application count

Applications are read holistically: All applications are read cover to cover twice before a faculty committee. Tell us your whole story.


Step 4: Sign up for an admissions interview

After you submit your application you will receive an invitation to interview on campus.

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Step 5: Let the application process support your professional development

People who plan their future create their future.

Why I Love Education

From talented students to esteemed faculty to celebrated alumni, there is no shortage of remarkable individuals in the FEMBA community. Follow my blog to read inspiring stories, learn about FEMBA events and become familiar with all the amazing people involved in the program.

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