Global Options

To successfully complete the MBA, all UCLA Anderson students need to fulfill a global requirement through completion of one of the following:


  1. Participation in a global immersion course (virtual or with travel)
  2. Completion of an international Applied Management Research or Business Creation Program project
  3. Enrollment in one of the many on-campus or virtual global management elective courses
Sebastian Edwards

“There’s no way that you can be a successful business person in the 21st century if you don’t know the world.”

— Sebastian Edwards
Henry Ford II Chair in International Management; Faculty Director, Center for Global Management

Spend Your Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks Learning Abroad


Concentrating on the school’s target regions of Asia and Latin America, UCLA Anderson offers four-unit global immersion elective courses designed to expose students to a country’s economy, political environment, major industries and businesses, local culture, key historical events and the many aspects of conducting business outside the United States. Typically, these courses include a travel component. Courses with a travel component include an immersive one-week in-country for a blend of guest speakers (business executives, policy makers, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs), company and startup visits, as well as cultural activities and networking with alumni.

Make a Global Impact Through Field Study


Applied Management Research (AMR) is the field study requirement for the full-time MBA program and serves as the capstone project for second-year students. The Center for Global Management supports field study projects focused on social enterprise and community impact globally. From education and health care to conservation and labor rights, through these projects students learn about the issues facing entrepreneurs and nonprofits in emerging markets.

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Develop a Global Perspective and Mindset

Students can customize their academic preparation in the area of global management and business from a variety of on-campus course offerings that range from global macroeconomics and global health care to understanding the Asia-Pacific economies and evolution in the global mobile industry.

Specialize in Global Management


How Specializing in Global Management Broadens Your Career Horizons

This specialization will provide you with what you'll need to examine management, operational and policy issues from a global perspective.

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Gain Valuable Insights from Global Leaders with the CGM Mentor Program

Apply for a mentorship with one of our CGM board members and prepare to become a global leader.

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Engage in Interactive and Enriching Conversations around Current Issues that Transcend Borders

From conferences to small luncheons and dinners, the CGM invites important and influential speakers with expertise in key regions of the world to discuss critical issues that impact the global political economy and global business.

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Meet the Executive Director of the Center for Global Management


“Through the CGM, we will help you expand how you think, not just about your opportunities, but also your obligations as leaders to lift communities and societies. We will bring the world to you through exciting on-campus and virtual programming and you can experience global immersion with classmates through our courses virtually and around the globe, and global research projects focused on social enterprise and community impact. I look forward to meeting you and helping prepare you to become well-rounded and well-informed global citizens who understand global issues and their impact on business and society.”

Lucy E. Allard (’06)
Executive Director, Center for Global Management

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