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Parker is consistently ranked as a top career center in student satisfaction by The Economist, and places 100 percent of students seeking a professional internship.


The Parker Career Management Center gives unparalleled support to help you accomplish your career goals. Our dedicated career advisors have developed a proven set of career management tools and practices for students to define objectives, strategize opportunities and make critical networking connections.


Industry Summary

Technology 34.5%
Consulting 12%
Entertainment/Media 9.9%
Consumer Products 8.4%
Health Care 7.2%
Investment Banking/Brokerage 7.2%
5.4% Real Estate
2.4% Energy
2.4% Investment Mgmt
2.4% Transportation & Logistics
1.5% * Other
1.2% Government/Education/NPO

Function Summary

Management Consulting 20.0%
Product Management 10.9%
Rotational Program 7.6%
Corporation Finance/Financial Analysis/FP&A 6.9%
Operations/Logistics/Supply Chain 6.6%
Investment Banking 5.8%
5.1% Business/Corporate Development
4.0% Investment/Portfolio Management
3.6% Brand Management
3.3% Internal Consulting
28.0% All Others

Industry Summary

Technology 26.8%
Consulting 14.4%
Consumer Products 10.9%
Entertainment / Media 9.4%
Health Care 7.1%
Investment Banking / Brokerage 6.5%
Real Estate 5.3%
3.8% Investment Management
3.3% Private Equity/Venture Capital
3.2% Public Sector/Nonprofit
2.1% * Other Financial Services
2.1% Retail
1.8% Energy / Utilities
1.2% Manufacturing

*includes Aerospace, Engineering Services, Hospitality and Transportation


Function Summary

Consulting 19.9%
Product Management 12%
Private Equity/Venture Capital 8.5%
Corporate Finance/Financial Analysis/FP&A 8.2%
Business/Corportate Development 7.6%
Operations/Logistics 6.2%
Investment Banking 5.3%
Finance/Accounting 5.3%
Brand Management 4.7%
Strategic Planning 4.4%
Private Equity/Venture Capital 4.4%
3.2% Marketing
2.9% Investment Management
2.9% Rotational Program
2.7% Market Research
2.4% Business Intelligence/Analytics
2.4% Real Estate Development
2.4% Sales/Account Management
2.1% Project Management
1.5% Merchandising/Retail Marketing
0.6% Human Resources

Career Paths


No matter what industry or function you’re coming from, Parker CMC knows how to get you to where you want to go. We’re deeply experienced with career switchers. In fact, among Class of 2019 internships, 86.8% switched either industry or function and 56.6% switched both. Below, find the path that best suits your current career ambitions.




Health Care



Social Impact


Real Estate


Parker CMC: A Day in the Life


A Reflection of Success


They say you can judge people by the company they keep. These are just a few of the organizations that seek out UCLA Anderson when they need the perfect fit.

Career Services

Student Stories


Lynn V. Compton

Class of 2017

“Anderson Career Teams was one of the best parts of my Anderson experience. My coaches shared a wealth of practical information, relatable anecdotes and great advice. My classmates were incredibly collaborative and supportive. I got so much out of the program that I wanted to pay it forward and become an ACT coach myself!”

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Ankit Pandey

Class of 2017

“The Parker Career Series was instrumental in developing a real comfort with creating and effectively presenting my personal brand during recruiting. My resume and cover letters became more productive at marketing my skills and experiences, and I was prepared for the recruiting season by mid-fall in a way I couldn’t have been without this great program.”

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Tiffany Lu

Class of 2017

“The Parker Career Center’s industry-specific interview preparation workshops were absolutely critical in helping me nail my interviews and land my summer internship in investment banking, which then led to a full-time offer.”

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Salary Snapshot



Interns' Mean
Monthly Salary


Internships Landed through On-Campus Recruiting

$122 K/YEAR

Full-Time Employment Compensation (as of 10/30/18)


Signing Bonus
(71% received)

See the recruiting, hiring and salary trends for the Class of 2018 in the official
Parker Employment Report.

Full employment data for full-time class of 2018 and summer internship class of 2019 will be available in early 2019.





Our team of Parker Career Management Center professionals, including eight dedicated career advisors, has developed a comprehensive set of career management tools and practices for our MBAs. As a result, our MBAs do not just become savvy full-time candidates and entrepreneurs, but are better prepared to become leaders and change agents.

1-on-1 Career Advising


Each advisor is aligned with a function or industry, but all are generalists. As a UCLA Anderson student, you can meet with any advisor for personalized support in:

  • Industry and job function overview
  • Career assessment and development
  • Targeting outreach and informational interviews
  • Using the alumni network and other UCLA Anderson resources
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Mock interviews
  • Job offer evaluation and negotiations
  • Preparation for internships and full-time positions

Career Series


During your first quarter, you will prepare for recruiting season with the Parker Career Series course, taught by the associate director of career education and Parker CMC advisors, with the help of second-year teaching assistants. The course covers:

  • Self-assessment
  • Resume writing
  • Letter writing
  • Research
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Decision making
  • Negotiating

This course taps the wisdom of your 70 section classmates, with expertise in every industry and function. The programming is a mix of lecture, practicum, small-group breakouts and individual advising.


Anderson Career Teams (ACT)


First-year students, grouped by industry and functional interest, meet weekly in their ACT groups to discuss industry trends, polish their networking and interviewing skills, meet with guest speakers, share contacts and motivate each other throughout the summer internship search process. Groups are led by second-year ACT Coaches, who have successfully navigated the career search process. These 90+ volunteer coaches are selected and trained by the Parker CMC and hone their management skills through this leadership role.

In 2018, our ACT groups included these industries and areas:

  • Consulting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gaming
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources
  • International
  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Management
  • Marketing - All Industries
  • Marketing - Technology
  • Marketing - Operations
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Social Impact
  • Sports
  • Startups
  • Technology

International Coaching Program


This program is similar to ACT, but tailored to first-year international students. Meetings address both a domestic and international job search and cover topics such as:

  • Overview of the U.S. job search process
  • Work authorization
  • Finding companies that hire international students
  • Partnership with immigration attorney

Workshops and Panels


These occur throughout the year and feature Parker CMC advisors, second-year students, alumni and executives. Topics include:

  • Case and technical interviewing
  • Beyond campus recruiting
  • Career conference preparation
  • Career path options
  • Job search accountability teams
  • Internship Academy

Career Opportunities


Hundreds of companies seek out Anderson MBAs by visiting campus, posting jobs and searching through resumes. We will help you expand your network and grow relationships with these companies, as well as with companies that may not have a large presence on campus:

  • More than 250 participate in our Campus Recruiting Program.
  • Hundreds of companies review our resume book
  • 2,000 job opportunities featured in the Parker Postings each year
  • Student professional clubs organize company visits, career nights, dinners with alumni and executives, industry and career workshops, and more
  • 37,000+ alumni around the world can offer advice and networking opportunities
  • Summer internships and internships during the school year provide direct work experience

Parker Portal


Parker CMC’s internal website offers UCLA Anderson exclusive job postings, customized career guides and free access to such services as:

  • myCareer
  • Interstride
  • Vault
  • Alumni Database
  • InterviewStream
  • Capital IQ
  • Hoover’s Online
  • LexisNexis
  • CareerLeader
  • VMock

Reciprocal Agreements


We have reciprocal agreements with other top business schools in a variety of locations, including New York, Northern California, Boston, Chicago and abroad. When visiting these participating schools, you can make arrangements in advance to utilize their career resource centers for a day.


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