Women in Governance

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October 12 - November 16, 2021
| Location: Live Online
| Program Fee: $4,000 (US)


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Senior Women Leaders


3-day Program or Online


$4,500 (USD) on campus
$4,000 (USD) online


Board Best Practices Since 1999

This intensive, experiential program is offered on campus or online and delivers a highly applicable toolkit of leadership skills, governance acumen and networking savvy that will prepare senior women executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to overcome the obstacles and seize the opportunities that they face in seeking corporate board service.

Who Should Attend?

Senior women leaders from all sectors and functions, as well as those currently sitting on non-profit boards, who are seeking to expand their governance acumen and network in preparation for corporate board service.

*No specific academic degree, testing or examination is required for applying to this program.

UCLA Women in Governance Board Ready Database

The Board Ready Database contains the profiles of program graduates and provides a resource for executive search firms, nominating committees and other organizations seeking to make new board appointments.


Key Program Topics

  • Understanding the boardroom and your role as a director
  • Case studies in board effectiveness
  • Managing diversity from the boardroom
  • Financial acumen for board directors
  • Leading effectively / influencing without authority
  • The science (and the art) of networking
  • Decision-making in the midst of multiple perspectives
  • Current issues in corporate governance
  • Building your personal brand and board resume

Obstacles & Opportunities


The playing field tilts against you, the higher you rise.
California Senate Bill 826 seeks to level the playing field.

The law has created an immediate need for 684 women to sit on the boards of just the top 3,000 public companies, with many smaller companies also needing to fill seats.

By taking our program you will:

  • Understand your role as a board director
  • Broaden your governance acumen
  • Expand your board network
  • Learn how to overcome individual and institutional biases
  • Become an effective advocate for inclusive leadership
  • Build your personal board brand

"Opportunities for women will only expand as forward-looking organizations increasingly recognize the business necessity of inclusivity. Our program is a great place for women business leaders to acquire the tools, perspectives and networks required for effective board service."

Professor Carla Hayn

Program Faculty Director
Ernst & Young Chair in Accounting
UCLA Anderson School of Management

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