Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

The Decisions, Operations and Technology Management (DOTM) area seeks to combine the process view of operations with analytical approaches in conducting research in the service and manufacturing sectors. Our Ph.D. students master the art and science of modeling, data analysis, quantitative methods and effective interpersonal communication.

From the DOTM Ph.D. Liaison


"As the faculty liaison for the Decisions, Operations & Technology Management area, I warmly welcome you. Our PhD program and faculty are internationally recognized as leaders in operations management, technology management, and decision sciences. Students receive rigorous training in business analytics and OM methodologies, with many graduates attaining faculty positions in top business schools. The DOTM faculty, students, and alumni form a strong network in both academia and industry. If you are interested in earning a doctoral degree in UCLA’s intellectually stimulating environment, within the diverse, thriving city of Los Angeles, please contact us about applying today."

Velibor Mišić, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

Alumni Success


Manel Baucells (’99)

Manel Baucells (’99)

Dissertation: Essays in Cooperative Game Theory
First academic placement: University of Navarra, Spain

Manel Baucells was mentored at UCLA Anderson by 2012 Nobel Prize winner Lloyd Shapley, Steven Lippman and Rakesh Sarin. He co-authored the popular book Engineering Happiness with Professor Sarin. He has published widely in academic journals and has articles forthcoming in Management Science, Operations Research and Decision Analysis.

Soo-Haeng Cho (’08)

Associate Professor of Operations Management, Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

Dissertation: Asymmetric Optimal Policies in Multi-Dimensional Operational Decisions 
First academic placement: Carnegie Mellon University

As the second prize winner for the 2007 MSOM Best Student Paper Competition, Soo-Haeng Cho researches supply chain management, global operations strategy, health care operations and innovation management. Among his most recent publications is "Contracting for On-Time Delivery in the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Supply Chain," forthcoming in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

Morvarid Rahmani (’13)

Assistant Professor of Operations Management, The Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech

Dissertation: The Dynamics of Collaboration in Knowledge-Based Work Processes

In addition to earning her Ph.D. at UCLA Anderson, Morvarid Rahmani also received three masters degrees: one for Industrial Engineering in 2008, another for Electrical Engineering in 2009, and the last in Economics in 2010. As an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the Scheller College of Business, Rahmani’s research focuses on the study of the dynamics of collaboration in knowledge-based work processes such as new product or service development, management and IT consulting, technical projects, and education. Her research was a finalist in the MSOM Best Student Paper Competition in 2011.

Sandeep Rath (’16)

Assistant Professor of Operations, UNC Chapel Hill

Dissertation: Resource Planning Models for Healthcare Organizations

Sandeep Rath designs practical and implementable solutions that bring operational and clinical data together to aid hospital managers in their resource planning decisions. His research models are used by the Veterans Health Administration and the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center and have led to efficiencies saving millions of dollars annually. Rath's article "Planning for HIV Screening, Testing, and Care at the Veterans Health Administration" was published in Operations Research.