UC Transfers

University of California Part-Time MBA Program Transfers

From time to time, careers change and life happens during the middle of a part-time MBA experience. For students attending a part-time MBA program at another University of California campus whose professional circumstances change and/or need to relocate to the Los Angeles area, there is an opportunity to possibly transfer into UCLA Anderson's Fully Employed MBA program.

The Process

  • Apply and Earn Admission

    To begin the process, possible transfers must first apply and earn admission to the UCLA Anderson Fully MBA Program. Please contact admissions for a complimentary application fee waiver.

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  • Send Official Transcripts from Current UC Part-Time MBA Program

    Official transcripts from current program are required and must be sent to FEMBA Admissions to verify that units are transferable.

  • Up to 1-year of Transferable Academic Units

    No more than approximately 20 semester-system units or 26 quarter-system units may be transferred to UCLA. Transfers will then earn the remainder of their unit requirements here at UCLA and receive a master of business administration degree.

  • Completion of 1st Year of Current UC Part-Time MBA Program

    It is highly recommended that possible transfers complete their first full year of their current program in order to transfer as many units as possible and keep pace with the curriculum map.

  • Non-UC Part-Time MBA Program Transfers are Not Available

    UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA Program does not offer a transfer process to students in part-time MBA programs from any private schools, California State University schools, out-of-state programs, etc.

  • Leadership Module Participation

    It is recommended but not required that UC transfers participate in the Leadership Module, a 5-day intensive in-depth introduction to management and leadership for the new incoming class held here on campus and taught by UCLA Anderson faculty. Classes are held all day, with meals provided. Each evening students return home or to a hotel of their arranging. This is highly recommended as it is an ideal opportunity to engage with fellow FEMBA students and to learn about our distinct UCLA Anderson FEMBA culture.

  • Career Services Resources

    UC transfers will have complete access to FEMBA Career Services upon participation in a "Propelling Your Leadership Career Workshop" in the summer before starting at UCLA. Transfers will also have access to on-campus recruiting for full-time employment upon completion of certain requirements. However, due to timing, UC transfers will not be eligible for on-campus recruiting for internships which are optional. (For certain career paths, typically such as investment banking and consulting, successful internships are required.)

  • Financial Aid

    As with other students, federal and private loans are available for transfer students. However, the UCLA Anderson FEMBA Dean's merit-based fellowship is not available.

For possible UC Transfer students who would like to speak with an admissions officer about their specific situation, please feel free to contact FEMBA Admissions to set up an appointment.

Email - femba.admissions@anderson.ucla.edu

Phone - 310-825-2632